I am very excited about this recording. 

I really want everyone to listen to it and take action. 

Karma has been defined as “The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.” -The American Heritage Dictionary

Red takes this definition and spins it into realms of understandings that shape-shift our thinking into a series of “aha!!... of course!!  Why didn’t we think of that!! Wow!” events.

 This is an in-depth look at how we have imprinted ourselves, our DNA, and the earth, through emotionally charged and unresolved happenings, creating patterns, or pathways, that we keep repeating.

This is also a "how to" in clearing it all. We can do it.

Our Academy has a course based on the information in this recording. Karma,Healing our Ancestral Lines. 



1. Introduction

2. Reds comments

3. Definition of Karma

4. Is Karma Universal or Man-Made

5. Karma as Unresolved Energy

6. Personal and Collective Karma

7. Land Karma

8. Earth Clearing

9. Karmas Role in Atrocities

10. Ho'Oponopono, Truth and Reconciliation

11. Karmic Responsibility

12. Forgivness and Thought Patterns

13. Clearing Karma for Others

14. Healing Conflict

15. Healing the Land



It’s what we leave behind on earth when we take our consciousness out of here. Our fears, our doubts, our regrets, and as we learn this month, our addictions. We have not made a very good collective legacy here, but we can change that. It’s a commitment to walking our talk and living our truth.

 Let's make a new dream, and shift our fears into hope.

 It’s only energy: it cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be directed.