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Members of our On Being Human Community have access to monthly teachings & valuable insights on today's events directly from Red & The Council. Join us! 



Six years of studio recordings, Seventy-Five topics covered, the Council have amassed a Library of profound wisdom on topics from Aliens, Orbs & UFOs to DNA, The Meaning of Life, Karma, Spirit Guides, Crossing Over, Earth Wisdom, Prophesy, Origins of the Universe, Time & more! 
Check out their full library here! 

Over the last few decades, Here On Earth has posted recordings, hosted radio shows and made videos to showcase The Council of Elders' spiritual work and grounded wisdom.

 WEAVERS OF LIGHT, A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times, is about how we can weave our personal thread to benefit the tapestry we are co-creating with this beloved planet Earth.
Weavers of Light is a MUST READ for our journey in these times of transition! 

Belief Busting Course

Our societies and civilizations are constructs based upon collective belief systems and agreed-upon ideas and principles, but ..

What if some of those ideas are wrong?

Connecting with Spirit Guides Course

Psychic Development Course

About Channeling and The Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is a collective of wisdom keepers in spirit, also known as the Akashic Record Keepers, Librarians, Ancient Ones, or simply the Grandfathers and Grandmothers, depending on your cultural perspective.  


This is what they say about themselves, "We hold ourselves outside of time and place, but we interface with those of you on the physical realm of the earth plane in the capacity as counsel, as elders. We bring with us today information, overview and insight to the places that your world is heading with hopes that we can assist you through this transition time and help all of you to find your true hearts' desire."


Channelling spirit is a time honoured science in countless countries in the world, historically to present day times. 


A tree with a thinking face on it

You will find Council teachings in many places throughout history as this collective has  provided guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years across various cultures and religions. They continue to bring fresh insights and understandings as humanity expands our consciousness through our growing ability to comprehend. They have always been here, patiently waiting until we are ready to listen and learn.


The work always begins within ourselves.


Here On Earth offers the opportunity to learn and grow, mentored by some our greatest teachers, through their channelled teachings, stories, books, videos and conversations. Once you begin exploring the teachings of The Council of Elders, your curiosity may not be entirely fulfilled! Many of us have found that while the original questions we came with have been amply answered, those answers blossom into even more profound questions as we are introduced to new concepts!  Don't worry, those new and evolving questions get answered as we keep exploring the well spring of the wisdom of the Ancient Ones, Here On Earth. 


Here On Earth offers these teachings as they are brought through our resident Trance Channel and Medium, Krow Fischer, who has been working with The Council of Elders for over 40 years, this lifetime.  



What People Say 

About Red and the Council of Elders

The Council of Elders work through quite a few channels and mediums, bringing their unique teachings forward in as many ways as humanity offers them. They have been doing this for thousands of years, across many cultural and religious lines after all. 


There is a particular 'flavour' that distinguishes the Council's presence, a ring of logic and truth that is self-evident. Every teaching they offer is nuanced with layers and depths of understanding, where every read over or re-listen brings more profound awareness. 


Many cherished beliefs are gently challenged, nudging us towards more truthful understandings of how this universe, this planet and even our own selves work!  Every 'Aha' moment unravels a myriad of insights that just make sense! 


The voice from The Council that channels through Here On Earth trance channel Krow Fischer is affectionately known as Red., and 'he' is quite the character as the thousands who have been mentored by him can attest! 


Red is a being of light that offers assistance to those of us incarnate on earth, which he does by ‘broadcasting’ or ‘channeling’ through the body of Krow, using her body, voice and consciousness while she remains in a deep trance state. He assumes the expression and personality from one of the many lifetimes that he has experienced on the earth-plane, a personality he once lived and also expressed through mediums in England during the early 1900's.


Utilizing this venerable personality to transmit through Krow to bring universal understandings, ancient insights, & modern wisdom from the collective, their counsel comes in a useful, practical format that is life changing.  

Funny, witty and wise, Reds messages are steeped with the boundless love and compassion he has for all of humanity and the Earth. He is direct and to the point, practical and wise, offering a view as vast as the universe, and yet profoundly detailed and very personal! His humour allows us to laugh at ourselves as we witness our human journey through the eyes of spirit, knowing we are loved, cared for and respected no matter what mistakes we have made or what path we choose to travel. 

The Council of Elders work with our personal guides and ancestors for their one on one sessions, and work with many collectives in spirit when transmitting through for all of us listening. 

Below is Red channeling, about channeling.. circa  2008 ish. 

painting by Jon Boots man seen through dissipating bricks greeting buffalo and crows

Between Worlds by Johannus Boots .

Can anyone connect with them?  Yes! Many of us connect with The Council before incarnation for advice in setting our intentions, expectations and support team! We also debrief with the Council after our life here in the physical.

Most people notice a familiarity, and many experience a profound emotional reaction when they first sit with them. 

You could think of them as tending to the quantum fields of knowledge humanity has acquired over the millennia, and they can be accessed in many ways. 

Some people just ask questions to the air and find books falling off shelves or documentaries showing up in their media feeds that answer the question. Others hear his voice when in need of advice. They come through dreams and meditations and they channel through many others in service today, as they have throughout human history. 


What kind of advice do they offer? 
The Council will never tell you what to do, as your personal sovereignty is sacred to them, but they will offer insight, clarity and upcoming potential so that you can plot your own course wisely. They may tell you of past life connections illustrating the similar patterns playing out today or point out erroneous belief systems that may be entangling you in events, not of your making. They will not override anyone's privacy, but if that soul agrees, they can bring keen insight to personal relationships, helping with resolution and understanding. 
Their advice is invaluable and timeless. 


What is Red's ethnicity? 
Spirit does not have a physical form, so there is no ethnicity, gender or any of those physical identifiers we hold once incarnate.  Spirit can express through any personality templates they have incarnated as in the past. Most on the Council have had many lifetimes on Earth, bringing their personal and cultural experiences to enrich the collective wisdom they offer.

Red outlines why he chose the personality he did in their recording  "The Council of Elders'. Here is a snippet from that recording. 

"..most often, we are needing to find a like-resonance to the land itself or to what the consciousness of the people are open to exploring.  And I will choose the personality that I have experienced on Earth that best fits the land, the collective consciousness of the people there, and the consciousness of the one I am channeling through.

We’re always looking for what’s the best fit for ease of flow.

And since I’ve had so many lifetimes on this beloved planet here, I do have a lot to choose from.  It’ll always be me, though.  And most of you who know me will recognize me."