About Us  


Krow is a mystic, psychic, teacher, channeler and lifetime student of the mystic who brings her unique view of life to the workshops and  counselling sessions offered here.  Krow's Here on Earth Academy courses are fun, in-depth explorations of many of the Mystical Arts and Life Skills for genuine seekers.

Wendolyn is a healer, herbalist, lightworker, teacher and forever student of 'how life works' Here on Earth. Her apothecary and healing practices have assisted many to regain health and wellbeing over decades of service. Wendolyn's down to Earth practical courses are designed to teach all to become home healers in their own right. 

Between The Worlds  by Johannus Boots

The Council of Elders have been in service as teachers and advisors to humanity for tens of thousands of years, offering their insight and expertise from Spirit in a myriad of ways. 


Having access to their brilliant truths and impeccable wisdom has allowed thousands to learn, grow, and awaken their true potential as 'Children of the Creator'. The Council's faith in humanity is humbling, their insights profound, and their delivery through our beloved 'Red' are humorous and deeply compassionate.