Past Life Regressions

 An interactive exploration of other times and places! 

Gateways of Discovery Jon Boots

This work requires some face to face, and you cannot be wearing a mask as the sensations may interfere. To book time for this we both need to be healthy. 


I have been facilitating soul exploration and healing for decades with a respectful regression technique that honours your own process and psyche. 

This method uses a gentle practice of memory stimulation that allows you to experience past life memories while in a deeply relaxed state.


For phobias, problamatic life patterns, relationships, talents,skill sets and knowledge, as well as many health issues that surface in our lives, the roots are often found in the past. 


This is soul retrieval in its truest sense!

Undo patterns carried from the past and explore 'between lives' for greater clarity and understanding of your purpose and desires for your current incarnation.

The earth is not the limit for this kind of work! Neither is the sky!

We have used this technique to explore other planetary and dimensional existences and 'time' spent in spirit 'between' lives.

There is so much more than we know, so much to remember and discover about ourselves. 


I bring my over 40 years of working with past life regression to the table since I began learning about regression in my early twenties with a friend & soul sister visiting from Australia. We got a book out of the library & practiced with every person who would let us! T

hen my guides stepped in & showed me better, safer techniques that would not interfere with anyone's free will.


I have used their polished method ever since, helping clients explore and resolve issues carried into this life.

I am so grateful to have the support from spirit in refining the work I bring to the world.

Their insights in evolving current day regression techniques have been invaluable.

 My studies have continued, delving into the nature of time, reality, and exploring non-earth lives & experiences.

It has been a fascinating glimpse into a vaster history that I ever imagined possible! 


I offer personal regression sessions as well as a three day immersion course, teaching the technique of Past Life Regression my guides taught me. 

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Personal Regressions

A regression may take up to an hour, plus at least a half-hour to settle in. Follow up time allows space for debriefing and discussion as you integrate the energy and knowledge discovered about yourself, so plan on about two hours with me. 


Wear comfortable clothes, as you will be on a massage table for most of our time together. Be prepared to take some time after your session to really integrate and work with the memories you have evoked. I recommend a quiet space and a warm bath when you get home!


The cost for regression is $150.00. That price includes any follow-up questions or debriefing you may need. 


To book a time to explore, 


The Councils Recording on Reincarnation may be a great place to start your Journey of remembrence! Check it out here! Reincarnation Mp3