There is so much controversy and exchanges of rage around the passing of the Queen and it's hard to see such divergent and conflicting views. She meant something different to different people, and it made me think... 


Krow Fischer

A fascinating discussion on how the charge, energy and intention of your spirit is merging with Earth through your body. So cool!


Red & the Council of Elders

The Castle Door, A  'Dutch Uncle' talk. We as humanity are facing one crisis after another and many are overwhelmed with all the trauma. How do we hold hope in the midst of this chaos? 

Red and the Council of Elders

Air source heat pumps are environmentally friendly, clean, efficient and cost-effective. A first-hand account of using heat pumps in southern Ontario to heat and cool Krow's and Wendy's homes.  We Just love them!


Wendolyn Murdoch

An insight into how a herbalist works. The idea of looking at the person as an entire ecosystem and determining and addressing any imbalances presented. Check it out! 


Wendolyn Murdoch

Natural remedies for spring allergies. Easy to find herbs and common sense therapies to tackle uncomfortable spring allergies!


Wendolyn Murdoch

Four herbs to grow just where you live!  Practical advice and instructions for making herbal remedies of these amazing four herbs and guidelines on their uses. A little apothecary growing in four pots!


Wendolyn Murdoch