Herbal Sessions 

How does this Herbalist work?

An herbalist looks at the person as part of the greater ecosystem around them. The water they drink, the air they breathe, the earth they walk on, their home and its occupants, where they work, and how they play. When one is experiencing an imbalance in their ecosystem, it must be addressed to bring it back into balance. 

The same is true when a body is experiencing illness; where is the imbalance? Is the person in the throes of a divorce and experiencing panic attacks? Do they hate their job and are slipping into depression, or their blood pressure is getting out of control?  All of these examples are an imbalance in their ecosystem. So both areas need to be addressed; the underlying cause and the symptoms the body is experiencing.

This is where the use of herbal medicines can really shine!  Herbs are part of the person's natural landscape and can help bring a person back into balance. The question an herbalist must ask is, what is the imbalance? Is it too little of something or too much of something?  What are the symptoms a person is experiencing?

Three clear jars with all different herbs in them

Is the person feeling too hot or too cold? Are they listless and lacking energy? The good news is there is a corresponding herb for every imbalance an individual is experiencing. This is because plants have energetics; they are warm or cool, moistening or drying, toning or stimulating in nature. So when a person is experiencing a fever, their energetics would be heat, and a cooling herb such as elderflowers would be helpful in most cases. Imagine adding some cayenne pepper to a feverish person, certainly not the right action! Consider a person who has burned their hand, running cool water would be a sensible choice as well as using a moistening cooling herb such as aloe vera.  

Herbs are complex beings with many properties and their own unique personalities. Learning the plants in these ways takes a long time because it entails spending time with the herbs to become friends. In this way, the herbalist is a bridge between the plants and the person seeking help as they can ask their plant allies for assistance. This does not mean you cannot ask, but an herbalist may save you some time figuring out which plant ally is best for your condition.  

People ask the difference between pharmaceuticals and herbs. Drugs do not look at the ecosystem; they balance the body's chemicals. Which is a quick fix and, in some cases, is the correct way to go. However, if one is looking to heal fully, they must consider finding and correcting the imbalance in their entire ecosystem.  

Western herbalism is considered a European method of using herbs. Much information was lost during the Dark Ages when the natural healers, midwives and shamans were persecuted and killed. But there is a renaissance of these healing arts coming back into the forefront. I am grateful to the many herbalists who have taken the time to  decipher the writings of the old-time healers thereby reclaiming the old wisdom of by-gone-days. 

Green tea cup filled with peppermint.

Mini Herbal Consultation

There are times when just a little advice and possibly some natural therapies are warranted. Minor digestive issues, a little rash that pops up or other little annoyances such as a nagging cough won't take much to address.


 Those minor everyday imbalances are what these mini- consults are for!


 $10.00 to $20.00 or free depending on the time needed. 


mullein from Wendolyn's garden at Here on Earth

Comprehensive Herbal Consultation


Upon booking your appointment you will receive a health questionnaire. This allows me time to review your detailed health history and concerns beforehand. 


A typical appointment begins with a cup of tea in an informal setting. Our discussion of your health concerns and thorough assessment will take place.  This will normally take one to one and half hours, depending upon your needs. 


In a week or so a subsequent appointment is scheduled to go over your customized program of herbal medicine, lifestyle modifications or further therapy recommendations.


We will endeavor to meet your health goals with small achievable steps leading you down the path of good health and vitality. No worries, I won't put any eye of newt in your tinctures, at least not too often!


Initial appointment is $80.00 and follow ups for $40.00

Online appointments available just ask. 

Contact me to book your appointment   

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