Upcoming Events


Join Red & The Council of Elders for a group discussion on,

'The Creator' 

April 18th at 7:00 pm, EST/EDT

Ideas and understandings as only the Council can offer.


Cost is $20 to attend with a recording, or if you can't make it, buy a link to the recording after the session for $15.00.

Those attending can ask questions on topic during the session of course! 


Sign up and submit a question on the topic of 'The Creator

please send to: wendolyn@hereonearth.ca

Calling all Witches and Warlocks!

Come play with us this summer at Deva Gardens.

We've got lots of fun, day classes for you.


  • How to read Oracle Cards
  • How Herbs work 
  • Laying on of hands 101
  • Making Witches Bells 
  • Earth Answers (Augury)
  • Working with Stones and Crystals and more.