Here On Earth

Witches Summer Camp 2024

Warlocks welcome too! 

We invite you to come play with us in the delightful forests & fields of Deva Gardens, near Norwood Ontario!


Our Witches (and Warlocks) Summer Camp has some very cool workshops designed

with magic in mind to entice you to come play with us this summer!


We look forward to enjoying a lovely summers day building skills,

creating friendships and having a cauldron of fun!  


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Calendar of Witches Summer Day Camp Workshops


Saturday June 1st

Saturday June  6th

Sunday June 7th


Saturday June 15th

Sunday June 16th

Saturday June 22nd

Sunday June 23rd


Saturday June 29th 

Sunday June 30th


Saturday July 6th

Sunday July 7th

Sunday July 14th


Saturday July 20th

Sunday July 21st

Saturday July 27th

Sunday July 28th


Saturday August 3rd


Sunday August 4th


Saturday August 10th

Sunday August 11th



Saturday August 17th

Sunday August 18th

Saturday August 24th

Sunday August 25th

Saturday August 31st


Saturday September 1st

Sunday September 2nd..

Saturday September 7th

Sunday September 8th


Day Camp Activities 

Laying on of Stones & Crystal Grids Workshop

Come spend the day at Deva Gardens for a fun day of learning and playing with the Stone Beings!

Our Earth expresses herself through the stones. They're not going to fix all our issues or do our work for us; their frequencies influence and encourage us to readjust and come into alignment with their vibration, that of the planet and our soul's original plan and purpose for this life. Inviting in the stone beings enriches our lives in so many ways. They are our earth guides and teachers and they know how this planet works! 


We will be calling on the Stone Beings to assist with relieving stress and anxiety, panic attacks, broken or grieving hearts, hyper-focusing or repetitive mental loops, or past trauma. 


Learn how to break up old belief systems and patterns using stones and crystals, cut invisible etheric ties to past situation or any distress in our life today, and offer new beliefs that echo the call for self-love and quality of life.


We will also explore Specialty Quartz Crystals. The communication specialists, these crystals form with natural facets and configurations that have specific tasks when it comes to the Earth communicating with all beings in her realms, as well as with other planets, stars and heavenly bodies. Their abilities and being-ness is absolutely fascinating!


We will also learn how to lay a Crystal Grid that can be used to amplify intentions, bring more loving, healing light into your life; a new relationship, new job, or for pretty much anything you would like to manifest and experience. We will also practice laying on of stones onto your living grid—your body—to balance your energy system.


I'm Cindy Fougere and I will be hosting this witch camp!

I’m one of those people who have been fascinated with stones my entire life. I have been working with the Council of Elders for two and a half decades and counting, studying the beings we have come to call the Stone People. I have sat in countless sessions with Red, handing him different stones and crystals, as he calls in each of the Stone Beings, one by one, to tell their stories, share their histories, and the gifts they have to offer. I have learned that out of the myriad of different stone families, there are storytellers and dream guides, seekers and prophets, caregivers and healers, truth stones and protectors, gatekeepers and warrior stones, and the list goes on and on and on. This entire experience has been pure pleasure for me and I am thrilled and excited to share the knowledge I have gained over these many years.



Cost: $150. 

Date: Sunday June 2nd 

Time: 11am -4pm

BRING LUNCH! Tea, coffee & water available! 

A stone kit is included! 


Written in Stone Oracle cards will be available for purchase,

as well as a selection of crystals, palm stones, hearts and points, should any of them call out to you!


Healing the Ancestral Lines, Ho'Oponopono and the Art of Forgiveness

Join us for an interactive day of forgiveness on the deepest levels we can collectively reach. 

Disharmony & discomfort is held on to, sometimes due to ancestral wrongs, or societal wrongs, but it is still carried on by us, as individuals. To undo the entanglements, we must choose to take responsibility for the threads we hold, & untangle them back to love.


Sometimes this involves unwinding, or unweaving and it seems we are running back through the same issues over & over. Sometimes we are caught in a loop, but sometimes, I believe, we are untangling, separating our thread from the tangled ball of history.


 We will work with Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian healing tradition that "undoes" the threads that cause disharmony in our lives. A powerful tool of reconciliation that was taught to me by traditional Kahunas Harry & Sila Jim, and from whom I have been given permission to teach.


This technique involves using statements of historical power on their own, but when our conscious intention is behind it, without guilt, or shame or fear, it is an extremely powerful tool of change.


Wherever hurt, anger, resentment or judgment has held your life hostage, wherever hatred has the world firmly in its grip, we can resolve and learn how to change old patterns of thinking.


Join us as we ‘undo’ threads for ourselves, for our ancestors & the collective societies we make up. We will play with vision, intention & each other to resolve past, present & future conflicts, for our highest purpose, highest healing & highest truth.


Be prepared for some emotional intensity as we open ourselves to past & future, as conduits of responsible healing, and be prepared for positive change in your life, & in the world around you.


Krow Fischer will be facilitating this ‘full participation’ workshop. 

Date: Saturday July 6th

Time: 9:30 to 5:00

Cost is $ 200.00 





Augery & Earth Magic

Join Wendy and Krow for this fun workshop of practicing augury, the ancient art all of our ancestors practiced of communicating with the Earth. Learn to read the signs, explore our relationship with the Earth's network and seek a sacred connection for support, growth and divination purposes. Find allies and helpers as they present themselves and learn more about them with the support and experience of Wendy Murdoch and Krow Fischer.


Spend a day on the wild side and explore your personal connection with the divinity of this magnificent planet.

Bring a journal and a lunch!


Date: Saturday July 27th 

Time: 9:30-4:30

Cost: $100

Water, tea and snacks will be provided




Ecstatic dance is a form of conscious dance in which we move freely, just as our bodies want and need. There are no "moves," and there is no "right" or "wrong." 

This is about self-expression, movement of stuck emotions and sensations, and connection through body language, with nature and community.


Dance is an ancient healing ritual, and to move our bodies freely in nature, held by beat and vibration, brings us back to our origins.  It gives our bodies the chance to be our medicine, and it gives us the chance to be theirs.


DJ Justine Dembo is an avid ecstatic dancer and trained to become a DJ through Powerhouse DJ School, led by world-renowned DJ Tasha Blank. Justine has been hosting Ecstatic Dance Cobourg as well as therapeutic dance groups in the region since last summer. She loves nothing more than to take people on liberating soul journeys through music and movement!


Date: August 24th

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

Cost: $20.00





Earth Medicine 

Learn about herbs using just your senses! In this course, you will taste, smell, feel, and observe herbs.These four senses alone will inform you on a body level about the herbs' healing properties! 

Herbs can be warming, cooling, moistening or drying. 

Understanding these concepts will help when dealing with a sick family member. As bodies can also have imbalances, such as being too warm, cold, damp, or dry, using the correct herb to correct the imbalance becomes a lot easier when applying these principles.       

This sense- based approach is how our ancestors would have known about the herbs that grew around them.

We can follow in their footsteps and connect with the earth itself to teach us!


Come join us for a fun day of learning!  

You will receive a full day of teaching as well as a 100-page digital book with the class info. 

Bring your LUNCH  


Date: Saturday, July 20th 

Time: 10:00 to 4:00

Location: Deva Gardens at the yurt

COST: $100.00

Instructor: Wendy Murdoch- 30 years of experience as an herbalist and healer.



Transformation -a board game

that can change your life? 

Transformation is a game developed by the Findhorn Foundation that offers an interesting way to explore and transform any issues we are dealing with in our lives. 

t is helpful to play when at a crossroads, or to finally deal with patterns that keep coming around. 


Four people per game, with Krow as advisor and helper as we move through the Physical. Emotional, Mental and Spiritual layers to uncover obstacles, gain deep insights, find helpers and allies and resolve once and for all the sticky stuff life has been reflecting to us. 


You can also reserve a spot for 3 or 4 if you have stuff you want to work out or work on together with friends or family! 

Otherwise, we leave it up to fate as to who you will play with! 

A safe and confidential space to do some deep work is assured either way. 


Dates: June 22, July 28th or August 25th 

Time: 1:00 - 5:00  PM

Cost: $50.00       

4 - 8 people per date 





Witches Bells Spell-casting workshop 

For tens of thousands of  years, those practicing the magical arts made spells with bells, knots and charms to protect and bless the entrance to homes and gardens. 

Witches bells are hung on handles or on a nail in the door, or entrance to a garden or ritual place. The bells ring when the door opens clearing any stagnant or condensed energies before they entered the home. Charms knotted into the Witches Bells tinkle special blessings that one wants for the home, so when the bells ring, the energy of that intention blesses the house!

 Come on out for an afternoon of crafting your very own Witches Bells and learn about the use of knots and symbols for spellbinding good intentions. 

When you sign up you will be sent all the information needed to get ready as this course requires a quest before hand, to collect the special objects required. The deets will be in the confirmation email once you have signed up. 


We will meet at Deva Gardens near Norwood Ontario and weather permitting, can create outside in the cedar ring or in the large yurt or shade tents if needed. 


Date: Sunday August 11th 

Time: 12:30 - 5:00

COST: $50.00 


Understanding Chakras 

Learn about the system of energy exchange that makes us unique living beings! 

Experience your own chakra system how it works and how you can work with your personal energy fields for health, creativity, awareness and manifestation! 

Balance the interrelationship between your chakra centers to create a strong system within yourself. 

See where you are blocked, practice opening, releasing and clearing these eddies so your river of life flows clear. 


We will be working hands-on with psychodrama and practical exercises to get those chakras moving!


Krow Fischer brings her extensive training and understandings as facilitator.

Books Provided



Books Provided. Cost $200.

Date: Sunday July 30th 

Time 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM 

Cost $200.





Campfire stories,

songs and chants

of the Goddesses


Come out for an evening of singing, chanting and storytelling around the fire. Get to know some simple songs and rounds and the legends of the Goddesses that inspired them! Bring your own favorite Goddess songs to share and your stories of Goddess experiences.


Percussion instruments provided, but of course you can bring your favourite shaker if you wish! 

Songbooks included, but bring your own lawn chair, beverages (and marshmallows?) 


Snacks, tea, coffee, & water provided. 


Dates. June 15th, July 13th, August 17th, September 1st

Cost $20.00 per campfire 

7-9ish (We may go later if we feel like it.)  


Oracle Cards

An afternoon to learn to play with Oracle cards with clarity and confidence.

Oracle cards are used as a way to gain insight into a situation or to read into the future, showing us trajectories or probable outcomes through our connection to a greater consciousness than we normally have access to.


They can be a way to access our unconscious self as well as connecting with the unseen realms, allowing messages, insights and encouragement to be communicated through the symbology each card offers.


Each system of oracle is its own language, a language of symbols that can be utilized in the communication of ideas, insights, warnings and advice, and do not have to follow any religious or spiritual ideologies.


There will be many decks to play with but please bring yours as well if you have some! Krow has been teaching the art of cards, both tarot and oracle for over 30 years.


Tea, Coffee & Water provided but bring snacks if you wish! 

Date: Sunday August 18th

Time: 1:00 - 5:00

Cost: $50.00 





The Laying on of Hands 101

The Laying on of Hands is used every day in most family settings! The simple practice of kissing a scrape on a child's knee or giving someone a much-needed hug is all a form of energy work. 

Learning the basics of hands-on healing or energy work is easy, fun, and an excellent tool for assisting your family and friends with their needs.   


You will learn about the body's energy systems and chakras, how to feel the different energies present, and easy crystal and stone layouts. 
The Laying of Hands modality can help with physical injuries, emotional upsets, headaches, and illness. It is a soothing, gentle, effective therapy that is relatively easy and fun. 
For this course, you will pair up with another student and do hands-on healing with each other until you feel confident enough to continue when you get home. 
Come and spend a day with us at our Witches Day Camp! 

Please BRING your LUNCH


Date: Saturday, August 10th

Time: 10:00 to 4:00

Cost: $100.00

Limited number of students


"There's a little witch in all of us"- Aunt Jet Owens, Practical Magic

You can let your witch out at our Witches Summer Camp!