Meaning of Life

I have been wanting to do this recording for a while, the big question, the one that I have asked since I could first fathom a thought; why, what’s it all about? 

 Red has taught us so much over the years of sharing and has helped many of us to re-format our belief systems.

This MP3 takes us that much further.

There is infinite potential in this Universe and life itself is what expresses all that potential into being. 

This is a brilliant teaching that answers all the important questions about life, with the wisdom and grace we expect from Red & The Council of Elders. 


Hint. The answer is NOT 42.



1) Intro

2) Why do we have a physical reality, why do we come to earth? 

3) The process of incarnation. 

4) How do we stay on track with our soul intentions? 

5) Why don’t we remember our soul intention? 

6) Do we have a timeline for our lives? 

7) Do we make agreements with other souls.

8) Free will or divine plan?

9) What happens if an accidental physical or mental injury occurs?

10) Can we change our intention or add on new ones?

11) Why do some souls never feel at home here?

12) How can we return to our soul purpose?