Lightwork & Energy Work


What's the difference between Energy Work & Light Work?

There seems to be some confusion about the difference between Energy work and Lightwork.  Let's have a look at the differences below: 


What is energy work? 

This quote from the Council of Elders describes it best,  "When one human being's energy is out of balance, their energy signature is slightly off.  Another human being can assist with working with bringing that energy back into alignment.   It's being able to manipulate the energetic systems within the human body to assist in bringing it back into balance." from the mp3 'The Healing Arts.'


I would use energy work when a person has injured their body or has had surgery. The energies of the body have become irritated and misaligned. It is incredible how the 'laying on of hands' will help calm the body energy, bringing relief and peace to the person. All hospitals should have an energy worker on staff for those circumstances in my opinion.


What is Light Work? 

 Another quote from the Council of Elders describes it perfectly. 


"Light work is a little different than energy work. It involves bringing through energy systems from outside of your personal physical space. It entails going into all of the other dimensions that you co-exist in. When you are working with patterns and imprints, you are experiencing in other times and places you are going outside of the physical here-and-now. This, going outside of the physical here-and-now, also applies when dealing with interferences you may have encountered in the astral realms or spiritual realms, as well as dealing with attitudes and emotional blockages. You are working in other dimensional realities." - Red & the Council. from 'The Healing Arts' mp3


A good time to use Lightwork would be when one is experiencing depression. Lightwork laying on of hands will help bring up the feelings of hopelessness and allow these feelings to move through and dissipate, thereby making the person feel lighter and a little more hopeful. Depending on the level of depression, herbs may be advised or medications and a series of Lightwork treatments. There are many other circumstances in that Lightwork is useful, emotional trauma, emotional blockages, past life difficulties, unwanted energies (interferences), following DNA imprints and much more.


 A summing up quote from Red & the Council  "In short, I would say light workers are working with your spiritual presence in many dimensions.  And I would say energy workers are working with your expression in the time-space dimension that most of you assume yourselves to be living in."  from mp3 'The Healing Arts'

How Light work can help 

Sunlight creating blue and pink rays shining over the ocean

Whether it's anger towards a boss, hurt feelings with a spouse, or worries about children or finances, think of how many times a day you feel you must stuff down your feelings. Over time these stuck feelings can cause a myriad of physical ailments, depression and anxiety. Light work helps clear this stuck energy, allowing your light to flow freely. Many people feel a sense of lightness, clarity and peace after a session with me. 


Your state of mind can also contribute to feeling frozen, numb,or depressed. If one continually thinks about painful experiences, they are repeatedly triggering an emotional response which the physical and emotional bodies respond to. Stress hormones are released, and muscles tense up. If you are watching a war movie, your mind knows it is not real and passes that information to your body and emotions, so you do not usually overreact. In real life though, if the mind is constantly thinking up stressful 'what ifs', the body and emotions can experience the 'what ifs' as if they are actually happening and respond accordingly!


Critical 'voices in the head' can make you feel discouraged and powerless, and they need to be silenced. Thought patterns of erroneous or negative thinking must also be dealt with and shifted into healthy thought habits and that is a big part of our work together. 


Let's go through a healing session.

  • First, we will have tea, relax and have a chat about your concerns.  
  • Next, you will be cozied up on my massage table, feeling relaxed and ready. 
  • At the beginning of our session, you will set your intention, which allows us to focus on the places that need healing. For example, if you are suffering from pain in the stomach, all of the issues connected to the cause of that pain, will come up for expression. You may feel anger, fear or grief and may remember events that contributed to this pain. All of this must have a chance to flow through, and as it does, you will feel lighter with a deep sense of relief.  


People report different sensations during their time on my table, such as heaviness, pressure, tightness, emotional feelings, colours swirling, pictures of events in this life and others gone before. People react differently based on their specific temperament and what they are dealing with.


It takes courage to confront one's pain, but if you think about it for a minute, it already happened and you've been carrying it around with you every day anyway. You don't have to do this alone. Why not deal with it in a safe, loving, supportive environment with a trained guide to help you through? 


Energy Session is $90.00 


Wendolyn Murdoch


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