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I have been working as a deep trance channel for over thirty-five years with The Council of Elders. This level of work involves ‘shape shifting’ as Red’s ancient personality imbues my being, allowing him to communicate directly with us. 


As a channel, my task is to keep myself physically, mentally and emotionally clear so that I can ‘step aside’ and allow the awareness of the Council to bring their wisdom directly through to us.


Private sessions, books, recorded teachings, radio shows, videos and lectures of the Council's work are all available @ Here On Earth

$200 for 1 hour & $300 for 1.5, in person

$225 for 1 & $335 for 1.5, phone or zoom.


We can talk about relationships, life, work, love, purpose and fulfillment.


We can connect with those in spirit, guides and past life experiences: whatever is beneficial to your Highest Healing, Highest Purpose, and Highest Truth! 


Whatever is troubling or confusing in life can be sorted! Asking for help is a good thing. That's why we are here. 


My ability to connect with other dimensions in an 'awake' state, combined with a lifetime of study with The Council's teachings, has given me the wisdom and experience to offer counselling sessions for those seeking clarity in their lives, life purpose, love, job relationships & connection with loved ones in spirit. 

I can see you in person or over phone or zoom! Costs are $80 for one hour-ish. 

The Art of the Tarot is an ancient divination and assessment tool, although the history and techniques I learned from spirit are a little different from what one reads on the internet!  

The cards tell the story of your life, highlighting hidden talents or obstacles, showing you the path you are on and what you may wish to change going forward!  It is a hands-on, in-depth counselling session focusing on the aspects of your life most needing support. 


As well as personal Tarot readings, our sister site shares monthly readings on behalf of humanity and I teach an online course based on my decades of work with this fantastic medium.

$ 80.00 for 1 hour-ish truly a fascinating experience that can explore relationship, phobias, dream memories, place memories and all the 'I know this' feelings that pop up.  


You remain in control and aware at all times. My job is to help you regress safely while retaining the information gathered on your journey.


I have been practicing regression work for over forty years, using a safe technique that honours your psyche & free will to gently guide you through to your soul memories.

Of course, this can't be done remotely, so it's a COVID saftey in place appointment as it is very 'in your face'!

Costs are $150. and may take up to two hours, sometimes more. 

fate and prediction

On-Line Workshops Coming Soon!


*Karma & Healing Ancestral lines

*The Art of Tarot

*Mystical Arts & Psychic Development

Yurt with a red door at sunrise

My work space is a comfortable authentic Mongolian 'gert' or as we westerners call it, yurt, settled in a peaceful field circled by cedars. 


 I continue to offer what services I can through phone or zoom as well. In person or not, the quality of service is the same. 

Check out our members site, digital library and online classes to access more of our offerings. 

About the Psychic Arts

At Here On Earth, we believe psychic gifts are a birthright for all to develop and utilize, not just a chosen few. We are here to help you develop yours, as well as offering our gifts in service.

Whether you want to chat with The Council through deep trance channeling, or have a counselling session with Krow for a Personal Session, or have your cards read or explore past lives, we offer all that and more. Scroll to Services Offered.


Mystic: from Old French mystique, or via Latin from Greek mustikos, from mustēs' initiated person' from muein 'close the eyes or lips', also 'initiate'. 


Mysticism is not anti-science or illogical. All phenomena witnessed on earth follow the same laws of physics, biology and chemistry, even as our understanding of these laws evolve. As below, so above, is one way to put it. It is a science that has been practiced since humans first began manifesting our spirits on Earth. It is a science we practice Here On Earth.



Krows' Mystical Arts 


  • Clairvoyance: Seeing & interpreting vision from spirit.
  • Clairaudience: Listening & understanding the voice of spirit.
  • Clairsentience: Feeling & sensing spirit & energy.
  • Psychometry: Reading the energetic history of an object.
  • Mediumship: Translating from spirit into word.
  • Deep Trance Channeling: Transmitting directly from spirit through body & voice.
  • Divination: Foreknowledge & reading of fate.
  • Tarot Reading: Divination & inner seeking through cards & symbolism.
  • Past Life Regression: a process to bring memories from other lifetimes into conscious awareness.
  • Augary: Understanding the language of earth, reading lifes omens. 


Spiral Stairway amidst greenery Guatemala


We do not believe in gurus Here on Earth. We encourage our clients to find their own power & develop their personal gifts so that they can manage their life journey with all the support this earth & universe offer! 

We know how good that can be! 


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" times gone past, every community, every village, every tribe, wanted to have some of the members dedicated to being the emissary from spirit...  It was a dedicated life path & the agreement was that you, as the reader or as the mystic, were agreeing to be the bridge between the unseen realms and your community.   

So your dedication was to bring the best and most helpful information you possibly can to the seekers that come to you.  It’s a very sacred position to hold... & this really is the job of the reader, to be able to assist the person, the seeker that’s coming to them, to understand the pathway they’re creating, how they’re creating it.  And to show them other options available so that they can choose what future reality they wish to create. It is meant to empower people.  

I know that’s not the way it always works out in your world.  But that is the true job, to be a clear channel of assistance to the seeker."... from Fortune Telling, Conversations with Red & The Council of Elders digital teachings.


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In-House Workshops

Krow Fischer

Here On Earth Academy... check out our on-line classes!  


Krow is Also available for mini-workshops on a variety of topics,

Group sessions, talks & lectures. 


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About Krow

I call myself an interdimensional communications expert.  
Born into a lineage of mediums and psychics, ancestors who survived the witch hunts of Europe, I had many childhood friends 'not of this world' and chatted with animals, plants and landscapes as naturally as with people. I suppose I was a strange kid. As a teen, my relationship with spirit matured, and I continued into my adult years to develop the deep trance work I practice with the Council of Elders as well as many other skill sets I bring into my practice. 


Past Life Regression, working with divination tools like Tarot and oracle cards, crystal work, dreamwork, symbolism, I-Ching, runes and augury as well as dabbling in dowsing, meditation and yoga were a big part of my late teen to early adult interests. 

The inherent abilities I was born with have encouraged and supported a lifetime of study with some of the most excellent teachers available, including of course, the Council of Elders. I realize this is not my first rodeo as they say. I have done this type of work in many lifetimes. 


 A lifelong interest in the art of ceremony has led me to meet and share knowledge with many teachers and peers of Earth-based cultures from North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Hawaii. I found the same simple truths as I have learned directly from Spirit and the Earth within every discussion. I continue to do my personal inner work as I believe a helper is only as clear as the health of their own psyche! 


Joining forces with Wendolyn Murdoch in my forties created several platforms to share the Council's brilliant work
Weavers of Light, A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times, was painstakingly transcribed by Wendolyn from recordings the Council brought forward, through my channeling service.

We also recorded 75 interview-style teachings from the Council over six years, hosted radio shows, amassing over 30 podcasts on Blogtalk Radio, made videos and facilitated live events with The Council all over Ontario, Quebec, Western New York and Hawaii.


Wendolyn and I continue to explore and expand our knowledge base, offering our Private Members site OnBeingHuman as a place to access newer work from the Council and ourselves.


Our Here On Earth Academy affords us a platform to distill our education and experience into a legacy of online classes. 


Granny to three beautiful beings, Mother of four amazing daughters and Momma Krow to even more lovelies scattered across the globe, my heart is filled every day.  I am widowed now. We never did get to complete our dream to sail around the world as the love of my life left to sail the universe in the fall of 2018, just two years into our epic sailing journey. 


I continue to live on my organic farm, Deva Gardens, where I have been deeply rooted for thirty years.


Sailor, Farmer, Poet, Writer, Philosopher, Student, Mystic, Teacher, I was born on the Northern Hemisphere's autumn equinox in 1958.




I wander some 'tween aimless track

down where the rivers merge,

through timeless minds that meet as one

as current muse converge.

To forge with love the alchemy

that glitters pure as gold,

beset with gems from fertile mind

cast true in couplings bold.


We wear not yet the crown of fools

for the jesters hat takes skill,

to balance through the rivers course

yet hold virtuous still.

Oasis pool in heavenly hue

where hearts' consent to hold,

a sacred place of unity

for hope’s voice to unfold.


It matters not where dreams may come,

where wisdom’s faith imbued,

with well met soul of pure intent

words are not misconstrued.

Gleaning view from life explored

through mystic choir sung,

we gather in the rivers' flow

To share our voice as one.

(c) Krow Fischer


I am acutely aware of the fakery and delusional nonsense that fill the internet with everyone and their uncle calling themselves shamans and masters. Conspiracy theories and the dramatically conflicting information brought through from spirit and false prophets can be overwhelming to sort through. I cannot address that other than to comment on 'cultural formatting' , 'ancestral imprints' and delusion.


Most of us live in a consumerist society where everything is a commodity and dysfunctional beliefs are repackaged and sold as something new. Sensationalism, narcissistic grandstanding, and the franchising of cultural and traditional spiritual practices have polluted the true mystics' reputation.


The Mystical Arts have become commodified with mass marketing of  'get rich and powerful' and 'you can be a master' weekend courses available for all who will pay!  Be skeptical!  Common sense and discernment are part of the arts!   

It takes lifetimes of dedicated personal work, community support and a lifestyle that promotes mental, emotional and physical health and wholeness to become a practicing mystic. This is available in many cultures around the world, but here in the west those supports are hard to come by. 


Do your best to find appropriate teachers and don't give your power away.  Remember your own soul knows much more that your personality knows and is always the best place to tap into.

Trust your own soul self and listen to the earth!