Spells, Curses and Enchantments

Spells, Curses and Enchantments are not a thing of the medieval past or an archaic leftover in tribal places, but are alive and thriving in our modern world. 

 “ I don’t think any village was without somebody who was known to use these kinds of abilities, and I don’t think that has changed much “. 

Who knew? 

 We live in a physical reality here that has laws and patterns, and working with these laws of energy transference and resonance, people for time out of mind have effected change on one and other, with intention.

That is the art of the spell master, curse maker and enchanter, to effect change with intention upon another person, place or object.

 Spells are set by the repetition of words and phrases that imprint in our minds, creating energy patterns that life manifests into being.

We can observe this practice used in advertisements, speech writing and in the chants, pledges and songs used by governments, religions and other organizations. 

Spells have been set into architecture, object placement, talismans and logos and have a much greater presence in our world than we imagined. 

 Red shares fascinating information about Stonehenge and explains family curses, so-called black magic and modern-day enchantments.

 He shows us how to detect spell making and how to undo them, and in the end gives us an incantation to begin each day with; a spell of gratitude.



1.  How does a spell actually work?

2.  White and Black Magic.

3.   Is gossip a form of spell making?

4.   Are there generational curses?

5.   Anger sending bad intent.

6.   Original Sin.

7.   The enchantment of Stonehenge.

9.   Why do the Dark Arts utilize human hair, blood, bones etc.?

9.   What is the evil eye?

10.   The enchantment of the Hawaiian Islands.

12. How do you undo a spell on objects?

13. How to know when one is under a spell?