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by Alan Coxwell Campbellford 

Sometime in the late 1900’s -

Jim Morrison and The Doors sang about opening the doors of perception in many of their songs. Morrison tried to convey what he saw on the other side of those metaphorical doors we had collectively constructed as part of our culture. 


The Doors' music played a big part in the cultural revolution which echoed through young people's minds around the world during the late 1960s and early 1970s and in a biography of Jim Morrison the story is told of Jim as a young boy in the back seat of his father's car coming upon an accident in the American southwest.


An Indian, who had been riding in the back of a pickup, lay dying on the road as they approached and Jim later claimed he saw the spirit of the dying man exit its body. This was a life-changing event for a young boy. He never forgot it and felt that Indian's soul was always with him during his short stay on Earth. Exactly what was it the young Jim Morrison saw? Did he really see with his innocent eyes the spirit of a man exiting his body? And if the spirit did exit his body, exactly where did it go?



Krow Fischer Guatemala

There is now a guide practicing in this area who is ready to help people on their quest of understanding these mysteries of existence in this Universe and she recently set up a centre in Campbellford (*No Longer there)  Krow Fischer has opened a centre to help people develop their own unique ways of communicating with loved ones whose spirits have passed from their bodies through the process we know as death.


Krow practices as a "deep trance channel" which means that she is capable of moving her own conscious self back far enough to allow selected others to use her body to speak through. Krow describes it as a "valid way to communicate through time and space by allowing impulses from the spirits of others to flow through my body and use my body to allow their words to be spoken out loud in this reality."


When questioned about how and when she developed this ability, Krow laughs as she recalls that when she was about eight years old she "was the little girl in the schoolyard who was talking to people who weren't there. People think you are crazy but I realized that I was really communicating with my guides for this incarnation on Earth. They were there to assist me. I now work with a group called the Council of Elders because I was asked by my guides if I would consider being a channeler for one particular spirit whose name is Tatananayaho. 


 In one of his previous incarnations he was an elder with the Cheyenne people. But we just call him "Red" to make things easy! At first I was reluctant to channel for Red but I agreed to try. I tested him for two years before telling anyone else about him because I wanted to be absolutely certain that he was not an evil power and that I could control what was happening to me. I gained complete trust in him and then agreed to share his knowledge with others in their quest for self-knowledge and understanding about what we are experiencing here on Earth today."


Witnessing the transformation in Krow as she goes into a deep trance is quite incredible. She begins with an intricate prayer to the powers of the Universe and asks for their protection while in her trance state. She asks for the protection of those with her and for the channels of communication to remain clear and strong throughout the session. She asks those wishing to speak with Red to count backwards from 100 as she "slowly steps backwards into what can best be described as an upside-down tornado which envelopes me."


Suddenly Krow is gone and a warm, gentle fellow who calls himself Red takes over her body. Facial expressions, gesticulation and voice all change dramatically. Suddenly it is very easy to believe you are sitting around a campfire talking to an ancient and wise spirit. In many ways you become like a child in a warm conversation with your grandfather who appears to know the answer to any question you might ask.


Red has access to all that has ever been. If you ask to speak with someone you loved who has died he will search for them. If he can find them, and they wish to make themselves known to you, he will describe them as they present their image to him. He will speak with them and repeat their answers to any question you care to ask. Questions you might have on the past, present or future are at Red's fingertips. His only question is, "How may I help you?"


In an attempt to keep my rational observer's point of view during my first meeting with Krow, I invited a friend to join me. Krow had never met her before and I had not told Krow I was bringing anyone else. 


My friend hoped to speak with her grandmother who had passed away about a year ago. On her way to the session she had by chance stopped at a friend's house during her drive to Campbellford. 


When she told her friend where she was going, and that she hoped to contact her grandmother, her friend asked if she could try to contact her grandmother also. Red did manage to contact my friend's grandmother and in the middle of a conversation, which had emotional tears flowing from what had been said so far, Red suddenly said, "Someone else has just come in. She is a real trickster and she just showed up. She says that someone told her you would be here. She was a friend of your grandmother. She says her name is Carol."


Yes, that is the name of the second grandmother. My friend had not mentioned her nor asked if anyone else was there. I was not even aware of what had transpired but I could tell by the look in my friend's eyes that something very profound had just taken place. Later, when it was explained to me, I asked myself, "What are the odds?"


This session carried on for almost two hours. Red could be asked any question on any topic, from the history of the Universe to the nature of the other dimension in which his spirit was now resident. He would do a brief search when looking for a place or person as if he were accessing some galactic internet which makes our current attempts at information storage and retrieval appear primitive. 


By the time Krow returned to consciousness, quite visibly exhausted, I agreed with her assessment of Red as a "wise, warm and loving presence. He is part of the 'Council of Elders' who are wise old souls who are keeping themselves close to the Earth at this time to aid and assist with the transformations we are undergoing. Respecting those of us with the courage to incarnate at this time, they offer wisdom, vision, advice and experience to assist us in whatever ways we ask, for our highest healing."


Between my own observations and listening to the experiences of several others, where knowledge has been shared by Red which there is no rational explanation for him knowing, this story certainly has given me a new perspective on the world about us. It is a fascinating experience to see the transformation to the trance state and to tap into Red's spirit. It is another small step in understanding where we are in the Universe and what it is all about.

For anyone with an open mind, the doors are open.

For those who wish to learn more, Krow has a website at

She lives in Norwood where she has her feet firmly planted in the earth of her organic gardens. 


Krow Fischer Hawaiian sea saltNorthumberland Press

A Norwood-area deep trance channel, commonly referred to as a medium, says she has no problem with skeptics who doubt her ability to tap into information and communication beyond our physical reality.


"Skeptics are the most fun... they are generally the most blown away by the experience," says Krow Fischer, 48. "Whether one believes or doubts is a completely personal choice and while I disagree, I do respect their choice."


'Deep trance channeling is an ancient form of communication brought to the attention of the mainstream by gifted channelers such as Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts', explains Ms. Fischer. In spirituality, channeling is the communication of information to or through a person (the channel or medium) from a spirit or other paranormal entity outside the mind (or self) of the channel.


Channeling is part of the belief systems and rituals of many religions, such as shamanism, Voodoo, Kardecism and Umbanda. 

She compares herself to a radio - most people can only tune in to one frequency - but Ms. Fischer says she is able to tap into another frequency, the collective consciousness of a group of souls sometimes called the ancestors, the record-keepers, the grandfathers, grandmothers or 'The council of elders'.


Ms. Fischer explains she has the ability to enter an altered sleep state, where she allows her physical being to be a transmitter for the council of elders, with 'Red', being the main spokesperson.

'This collective group of souls has provided guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years and continues to bring fresh insights and understandings, as mankind expands its conscious ability to comprehend', she adds.


"I am like a computer screen that taps into a universal Internet and the downloads stream through me," she explains.

As a young child, Ms. Fischer notes she just naturally assumed "everyone heard and saw stuff." But as she grew older, she gradually realized she was different.


"My grandmother belonged to a spiritualist church and she was supportive and did not consider my ability abnormal," she notes.

At the age of 15, she became aware of the Findhorn community in Scotland, a collective whose principal practices included channeling and other forms of meditation. Today, the community remains a centre of residential spiritual education and the Findhorn Foundation is a member of the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations.


It was both comforting and reassuring to realize she was not alone, "that there were other people like me," she recalls. The revelation also gave Ms. Fischer a sense of direction and she purposely looked for information, seeking out teachers to help chart her path.

Later this month, Ms. Fischer brings her 'secretarial work' to a new level with the launch of the book, 'Weavers of Light: A Channeled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times.' The publication features Red's words, channeled by the deep trance medium and transcribed by Wendy Murdoch, Ms. Fischer says.


Red is not the first entity to be published, she explains. In the 1960s, American writer Jane Roberts began to channel 'Seth' and for years, Ms. Roberts held sessions where she achieved a trance state that allowed for channeling. In 21 years of offering this service, thousands of people attended sessions to consult with Seth, who also authored several books including 'The Nature of the Psyche: Its Human Expression'.

'Weavers of Light is a look at the environment we have created, how we are collectively responsible and then it explains how we can collectively find a solution', says Ms. Fischer. The book took a year to transcribe and at times, weeks would pass before the women could find time for a session.


"Red would just ask Wendy to read the last sentence he wrote and he would pick up exactly where he left off," she says.

The publication can be described as a manual on conscious living, explains Ms. Fischer. Red takes the reader from the beginnings of the universe, the creation of energetic patterns and how they manifest here on Earth to how society has shaped them into personal and collective realities, and how we can collectively and individually re-shape them. The 'council' spokesman has revealed how our planet works and how we can learn to work with it, she adds.

"I have come away humbled, deepened and pretty blown away," explains Ms. Fischer. "While I have always honoured them, this book has evolved me to an incredible appreciation for the mother and father of creation, and our sister Planet Earth."

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Vitality Magazine July/Aug 2007

Sacred Journeys - Everyday Rituals & CelebrationsKrow Fischer in trance w Red

July 2007 Kim Elkington


Happy summer!  A few days ago, for summer solstice, I headed with friends to a traditional pipe ceremony with the Algonquin spiritual elder Grandfather William Comm-anda. We had gathered on Victoria Island, located between Hull and Ottawa, on the Ottawa River.


The sky was dark grey and, as it rained all around, William kept us dry (it’s good to be with folks who can move clouds if you don't want to get wet). Twelve pipes were passed to each of us in silence. When the pipes were put away and each of us held a pinch of tobacco over our hearts, which we would offer into the sacred fire with our prayers, Grandfather William spoke. He asked that we stay in our hearts and speak directly to nature, to send love to the earth, and to bless the water in this time of great change. Then, as he looked up with a grin, he invited the ancestors to our circle, and down came the rain. A few minutes later the sun shone hard, starting where we were, and radiating out toward Quebec and Ontario.


Later when speaking alone with Grandfather William, I was deeply moved by the quality of the air around him. It was filled with love, without judgment, and allowing connections to people and nature all the time. As our hands moved toward each other his energy felt like soft velvet, and as our palms touched my whole body smiled in recognition of not only his authentic self, but sensing my own as well.


It was interesting that William Commanda's summer solstice message was about tuning into water, because it came up a number of times this week. I was curious about the high winds and rain that we seem to be experiencing in this part of the world now and was re-linked to a woman, Krow Fischer, near Peterborough, who channels a being from a Council of Elders that for simplicity’s sake is referred to as ‘Red’. I highly recommend Weavers of Light: A Channeled Book of Know-ledge for our Changing Times, the transcription of Red's accounts of the earth changes, and much more, available on line (


Red was recently asked about the changing weather patterns around here and his answer resonated deeply. You can go to the website to get the full transcript, but here is my quick version of his image: Inside the earth is a small cool sun (earth's core) that mimics the sun flares on the Sun (their dance). This dance stirs up the winds, the atmosphere and ultimately the rain. The purpose of the storms is to cleanse the waters of the earth and, like time, the process is speeded up (intensified) these days. It is in large part due to where our sun and planet are in the larger galaxy. The earth/solar system seems to be entering a dense, intense, high frequency vibration emanating out of the Milky Way center. As we cross it, matter speeds up/heats up, excites the sun and, I believe, is raising our consciousness also. 


In other words, the changes are not bad, they are simply happening. The earth is going through the change, and we (birds, bees, etc) are moving along with her in the changes, because we are all carbon atoms, made from stars and earth. The native channel, Red, also noted that we can ask the wind and rain clouds to move if we need them to - ask with love and the earth will respond.


Coincidentally, another story I heard this week was about when the Romans where trying to conquer ancient Britain, they wrote in their military log that they could not get to the areas they needed to because the native inhabitants were using the elements to impede their progress! So we have probably just forgotten how to talk to clouds, and there’s no reason not to start now.


This summer be sure to ignore time/schedule restraints that may attempt to interfere with your opportunities to get outside and let nature commune with you one on one. There is a great deal of transforming energy, that can affect us both personally and globally, going on in the world right now. The best way to tune in, is connecting to nature and listening with an open heart. And, if it’s raining, enjoy that too, for as a friend pointed out, if the earth changes around here are going to mean more rain storms, it will mean more rainbows too!


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