Meaning of Life by Here on Earth

Rekindle your Passion for Life! 

  • If you feel lost, let this course guide you back. 
  • Remember why you came here with step-by-step guidance.  
  • Become aware of the hidden potentials already in your life. 
  • Take charge of your life and determine where you want it to go.
  • Feel rekindled or take a new direction!

Topics Covered on the Audio Recordings

1) Why do we have a physical reality, why do we come to earth? 

2) The process of incarnation. 

3) How do we stay on track with our soul intentions? 

4) Why don’t we remember our soul intention? 

5) Do we have a timeline for our lives? 



6) Do we make agreements with other souls?

7) Free will or divine plan?

8) What happens if an accidental physical or mental injury occurs?

9) Can we change our intention or add on new ones?

10) Why do some souls never feel at home here?

11) How can we return to our soul purpose?