Dreams and Dreamers

Gateway to New Realms! 

Welcome dreamers!

Red has said that we are the ones that will be dreaming in the new reality, the world our children's children will live in, so we thought it fitting to gain a deeper understanding of dreams. 

What are they?

Where do dreams come from and what do they mean?

Lucid dreaming and how to train ourselves as dreamers.

How do those in spirit meet us in dream time? Symbols, prophesies, healing and hoping; dreams mean a lot of things!

There is a whole other world that takes place under the stars while we are sleeping. A whole universe to explore there.

Enjoy this wise and wonderful dreamy recording...  



1. Intro 

2. Why We Dream

3. Body Recharge

4. Origins of Dreams

5. Types of Dreams

6. Archetype Symbolism 

7. Conscious Awareness and Access of Self 

8. Prophetic Dreams

9. Meeting Place with the Other Side 

10. Vibrational States 

11. Lucid Dreams 

12. Healing in Dreamtime  

13. Working in Dreams  

14. Meditation, Journeying & Daydreams 

15. Dreaming in a New World