Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life

 Over the years Red has tapped into that deep well of wisdom and has brought us many profound teachings.
In this recording, we asked him to bring us a compilation of practical advice that we could utilize in our everyday lives, a helper’s guide to staying sane during these tremendous world shifts.
The terror and suffering experienced on this planet right now is overwhelming many of us and the ripples in our everyday life of economic, climate and health insecurities are destabilizing so many people.

It is hard to stay hopeful for humanity’s future, yet we must.
Applied Spirituality, a practical 101 on coping with and shifting the world around us.
We will get through this, and with help, we will do it with grace.


For those on our private membership site, onbeinghuman.ca, there is a free ongoing course based on this recording. 



1) Staying Centred and Grounded
2) State of Fear
3) Maintenance Within Turmoil
4) Using Intent to Affect Change
5) Help from Unseen Realms
6) Working with Earth and Climate Change
7) Animal and Elemental Helpers
8) Clearing Space and Lethargy
9) Applied Spirituality for Tough Times