Treasures of the Earth, Rocks and Minerals

 Did you know that silica is the communication system of the planet and all of the plants and animals too, as well as the ‘unseen’ realms that share Earth?
 Our planet broadcasts and receives impulses planet to planet and to our sun and stars through silica communications systems.

These wave transmissions are the basis of gravity!

Trees and whole forest ecosystems communicate through silica and so do our bodies.

Our DNA and our brains are becoming more crystalline as we continue to evolve as earth beings and this connects us as a planet in ways we are only beginning to understand. 

How to connect to and work respectfully with crystals, how to clear them and how to understand this whole world of ‘frozen light’ is gifted to us by the Council of Elders in this groundbreaking recording. 

...and then there is this part for those of us that keep crystals….‘You might not be the only beings interested in working with these stones!’ 


Cindy Fougeres online courses on rocks and crystals come from decades of study with the Councils teachings, applied and expressed through her own work here. check out our Academy for these classes if you want to go deeper. 




2: The role rocks and minerals play in the consciousness of the planet

3: Quartz and planetary communication systems

4: Crystals in healing and meditation

5: Rocks and minerals of our bodies

6: Minerals in our food, our ecosystem

7: Starlight, silica transmissions, crystalline DNA

8: Role of minerals in planetary communication and gravity 

9: Crystals, programming and clearing

!0: Learning to work together with respect