Prayer, The Best of Intention

The Best of Intentions..

This is a timely, action-packed MP3, a call to awareness and participation for all of us.

If ever there was a time for us to get moving out of our lethargic stupor and step into our collective power, this is it.

Honest, clear and unyielding, Red calls it like it is, chastising our Western behaviours and tugging us towards a place of compassion and truth for all of humanity. 

We have the possibility of dissipating war, poverty, disease, slavery and despair, but we need to take action together, with the best of collective intention. 
We need to understand how this works and we need to get busy practicing our divinity

I want this recording out in the world to be heard and practiced by everyone.




1. Introduction.

2. How does prayer work?

3. Holding good intentions.

4. Prayers for animals and places.

5. Influencing collective consciousness.

6. Spells and Prayers.

7. Does a prayer hold its intent without constant focus?

8. Does it matter who we pray to?

9. Prayers affecting the weather and natural disasters.

10. Can your prayers affect war?

11. Using prayer to shift realities in places of poverty, enslavement, and disease.

12. Shifting the enslavement of the animals.

13. Difference between meditation and prayer.