Animals of the Earth

We humans are newcomers to this planet.

Other animals have a much longer history than we do on earth!

In this discussion, we learn about our relationship with our fur, finned & feathered friends! 

So many understandings of our fellow earth beings are addressed, that it is a must listen for all who share the planet with animals.

“What would the animals have to say to us?”

The gentle answer may surprise you, it surprised us. 



1. Introduction 

2. Animal Oversouls 

3. What They Teach Us 

4. Emotional Lives 

5. Animals as Food Source 

6. Balancing Human Needs 

7. Communication in Nature  

8. Communication with Humans  

9. Animal Totems

10. Bees

11. Cats and the Occult

12. Do animals choose us?

13. Do humans take animals for granted?

14. A Message from the Animals.