Nature of Earth

Our relationship with planet earth through plants is the topic explored in this beautiful testimony to life.

Communication with plants, plants as creators of life for their role in the manifestation of sunlight into physical life is discussed. Plants as medicine teachers & more come to light.

Exploring our place in the ecosystem, how we fit, this fundamental teaching discusses problems we have created around food, especially the growing of food.

So much is brought forward with such respect for the plant beings, you will never look at a plant the same again. “Makes me want to go out and plant a garden!” 

Made me want to take Wendolyns herbology course 'The Language of Plants' from the Here On Earth Academy and put all this good stuff into action! 




1) Introduction

2) Address by Red

3) Our relationship with plants

4) Consciousness of plants

5) Plant Devas

6) Herbalist Understandings

7) Plants as food

8) Agri-industry, GMO, pesticides

9) Changing our relationship with plants