Medicine Animals

Do we have a spiritual relationship with animals?
This question brings us to humility and wisdom as we are led through a journey of understanding of this earth in all her aspects.

Red and the Council nudge us gently yet firmly, towards awakened understanding about our place as humans, amidst other creatures of the earth.
We are spirit, here experiencing physicality, to learn and grow.

We are learning how to co-exist in a harmonious eco-system, and we have a lot to learn, and a lot to un-learn! 

 Animals are important teachers. Listen up.



1) Our spiritual relationship with animals
2) First Cultures relationship with Animals
3) Animal Medicine, Totems, Guides, Familiars and Shape Shifting
4) Jack Russell Experience, Dog/Wolf Medicine
5) Chinese Zodiac Animals
6) Snake Medicine
7) Egyptian and Hindi Animal Gods
8) Are we born with Animal Guides
   Do Pets become Animal Guides
9) Birds: Crow, Raven, Jay
10) Do our Spirit Guides work with Animals
11) Insects: Spider, Ant, Bee, Butterfly, Dragonfly
12) Animals in Dream and Meditation
13) Water: Dolphin, Whale, Salmon
14) Connecting with Animal Medicine with Respect and Honour
15) Finding our Animal Medicines