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This is my opinion, my thoughts. Not the Councils, and not Wendy's. Krow.

  • Creating a community to heal derogatory belief systems and manage social hatred and predatorial behaviour towards others has been evident throughout human history. This is how all deviant behaviour changes, by changing it within ourselves and our communities. Can we now begin to address spiritual discrimination and the predatory behaviours and ridicule of the wise women mystics? 

    Krow Fischer 

  • Do you talk to the universe? Many of us do. Sometimes my 'talks' are more like rambling letters of meandering thoughts that trail off in all directions. Sometimes there are immediate answers, and sometimes it feels like the words spin off into an echoing void. 
    These Letters to the Universe are some of those.

    "Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox, they tumble blindly as they make their way across the universe". The Beatles  


    Krow Fischer

  • There is so much controversy and exchanges of rage around the passing of the Queen and it's hard to see such divergent and conflicting views. She meant something different to different people, and it made me think... 


    Krow Fischer

  • The Castle Door, A  'Dutch Uncle' talk. We as humanity are facing one crisis after another and many are overwhelmed with all the trauma. How do we hold hope in the midst of this chaos? 

    Red and the Council of Elders

  • Once we understand the concepts and imprints that led us off course from our original intentions as humanity expressing on earth, we can reclaim our birthrights. 

    Chapter seventeen leads us back home to the true understanding of who we really are.

    "There is much that needs to happen to bring your consciousness back to Eden and to bring your consciousness back to the realization of Eden." 

    Red & The Council of Elders

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I have witnessed a lot of pain and lashing out between people over the death of the Queen. I hope this speaks some sense, as i articulate how it looks from here.