Eden Lost

book cover Weavers of Light

Eden Lost, Chapter 17, from Weavers of Light,

a Channelled Book of Knowledge for Our Changing Times.

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Chapter XVII from Weavers of Light, A Channelled Book of Knowledge for our Changing Times. 

 Transcript of Chapter 17, Eden Lost  


From the origins of the universe, of this particular universe; the outward flow and movement of this beginning has continued rippling throughout the universe. It has streamed through all of the planets and all of the stars with the same energy and motions. What has become manifested upon the Earth contains within its patterns all of the original ripples from the beginning of time. These ripples are waves of energy that come through the Earth that all life rides on.  All life follows these same rhythms and these same ripples. When you understand this you can learn to build with these energies. You can learn to ride the waves of the universe as they come in through the Earth. 


Some of the understandings that need to be brought forward can be found in the movements of the Earth itself. All the ripples of your water are caused by the movement of your Earth in correlation to the movement of your moon, the other planets, the sun, the comets, and all the intergalactic magnetic movement. That pattern of the relationship between Earth and moon, relationship between Earth and Mars, Venus, your sun, expresses in the waves of your planet. There can be disturbances on the planet itself which disrupt the waves, for instance, an earthquake or an explosion beneath the water is going to change the waves. The resulting ripple will have the intensity of whatever caused it and will change the waves until they have ridden it out.  Another example would be an explosion in your oceans will cause a ripple of waves that will continue into the shore until they are finished and then that particular ripple and pattern is done.


The constant ripple that you have expressed here is from your Earth’s relationship with the other beings, like your moon and with the galaxies around it. These are patterns, wave patterns. The relationship of your plants with the wave patterns from your sun is another way to see how this is expressed on your planet. There are patterns of waves or ripples found in the sands of the shorelines and deserts, as well. A desert landscape has ripples that show up in the sand that also show the patterns of the relationship between your planet and the universe.  All of these images that show up on your planet, all of these waves, these pulses, all of the movement of your land, your plants, your animals; are all the physical manifestations of the patterns of the universe. They all manifest on your Earth in one way or another for you to see and understand. 


Somebody who is well-versed in the ways of your Earth and understands how she moves is going to be able to predict the next flow, the next movement, where things are going to go, how things are going to manifest, because they understand how the Earth responds to energy; how physicality responds to energy.  So you can watch the waves or you can watch the patterns of the animals or the patterns of the plants. When do they go into bud? When does the first leaf appear? At what time do most of the seeds begin to sprout? All of this is watching. 


Some film makers using time lapse photography have filmed the opening of a forest in response to light patterns coming in; illustrating springtime. You can see the wave that goes through the forest in accordance to the movement of your planet. You can watch the waves go through as things burst into green. 


One of the places you can see this very clearly is in the far north, in the Arctic lands, and if you talk to the people there they will tell you, you have to be in tune with the Earth rhythms, the rhythm that the Earth has with the other planets, in order to survive. That is how all of their ancestors survived. They are so aware of these rhythms that the Earth has that they are able to base their own lives completely upon these rhythms. 


Most of you, in the societies that you have now, where you believe you are so plentiful and you are so blessed and you have so much, have become enmeshed in the rhythms of your cities. So aware are you of the rhythms of your traffic, your politics, your work and shop schedules that you are out of touch with the rhythm of the planet itself. You are not aware of how your planet relates to the rest of the galaxy any more than you are aware of how your society relates to the rest of the societies on the planet. You are as unaware of your relationship to the Earth, as you are of the relationship of the commodities that you call your luxuries, to the rest of society. You are as unaware of the poor in your cities and as unaware of the corruption that goes on, as you are of the realities that are created by all of the external forces. 


To lose this knowledge, to lose the ability to know one’s self as part of life on this planet, is to lose your state of Godliness. It is to lose your birthright. To begin to believe you are a product or consumer, to begin to believe that your destiny belongs to a corporation or a business, to begin to believe that you are owned by a country or a state, is to lose your relationship with humanity and your relationship with the Creators. What has been put in place upon this planet has tried to impose itself upon the basic patterns of life, and has stolen your souls and stolen your birthright. 


The way back to yourself, to your soul, is to find yourself and who you are in relationship to the world around you. Where is your planet in relationship to other planets? What does it matter, this round little ball in the midst of the universe, in the midst of a billion other planets? Is it so important to this universe? Are you so important to your community? What difference does it make if your star explodes? Will it make any difference in the whole universe? Will it matter? All of these questions that people find themselves looking at make one feel redundant and hopeless; as if it is all an accident


If the proximity of your moon to your planet has such a huge impact that it decides how your waters flow, if the proximity to the sun has such a huge impact that it decides whether life will flourish or not, if the proximity of your planet to all the other planets around decides how thick your atmosphere is, and if all of this is true, then it must be that every single placement is of the utmost importance. Then it would be understood that any disruption of any of those placements would have a ripple effect across the entire universe. 


Your planet is important in the whole scheme of this universe. Without your planet everything changes. Are you so important in the scheme of things on this Earth? Without you being here everything changes. It is all with purpose. 


The interrelationship between everything that exists has importance, has purpose and planning. You would have to be walking blind and deaf to not see this, to not understand this, and yet, you have entire societies that seem to ignore these realities. These societies believe you can create systems that will sustain themselves irregardless of whatever else is going on. They create systems that take so much energy to exist that it depletes all of the systems around them. Most of you in the western cultures have set up systems like this that are not in balance, that are not working in harmony with all of the other systems around, and when an imbalance is created it ripples out and affects everything in the entire universe. 


So when you are creating an imbalance within your family, within your own psyche, you are creating an imbalance within your communities, your society, your countries, your planet, and that imbalance ripples out into the universe, as well. Such is the state we see your planet in right now. Such is the state we see being enacted here. It is too easy for everybody to believe that they are not important enough, that they do not really matter. It is too easy for everyone to think, “Well it’s just one little planet; so what, if we mess it up?” It is too easy for these attitudes and ideas to take hold, and when it is this easy for that to happen you lose sight of who you are. You lose sight of your importance in the world and your importance in the universe. There is much that needs to happen to bring your consciousness back to Eden and to bring your consciousness back to the realization of Eden. This is a mythology, a story, meant to represent a state of being in balance and harmony with each other and with the Earth. A return to that state is a return to balance. 


Now the Earth is a place to try out some of these social ideas. Some of these ideas on how to run the universe have nearly run this planet into the ground, so to speak. How do we collectively turn this ship around? First and foremost, to become aware; aware of what is missing, aware of the lack of joy that exists in the most prosperous of cultures. 


In the places on your planet that are deemed the most advanced and the most prosperous, we see the most depression, the most sadness and the most hopelessness. In places on your planet that are deemed to have the most poverty, the most sickness, and the most pain, we see the greatest faith, the greatest hope, and more peace and contentment. Does that mean that all should live in poverty? Does it mean that one must suffer to find your way to the state of peace? Many religions are based on this assumption. It is common to see such a thing. Most of the diseases that you will find in the western culture are diseases of discontent. 


Most of the diseases that you find in the so-called third world are diseases of poverty. So when one observes this it would appear that poverty and suffering is the way to peace, but there is much more to this story. What is observed in most of the cultures that are so-called first world, those who believe they are in the places of prosperity, is a disconnection with the planet, a disconnection with the rest of humanity, and a disconnection with the rest of the universe. It is as if you have begun to believe in the created realities that you have made, and that reality has become God, and God speaks through the profiteers, through the advertisers, and all of creation comes through the mouth of the television, and this is the creation that everybody’s energy goes into and that is the creation that is materialized.


As you have all begun to believe in that reality it is spinning and spinning in a desperate state of frenzy of activity, simply trying to sustain itself. No longer do you have people in communities; you have consumers. Since the consumers have to be workers as well, they feed each other back-and-forth. But so hungry are the consumers made to feel, that now you have to create a whole world of workers to create more things to consume. 


As a result, you have moved into the third world countries and you have created whole areas that do nothing but produce gadgets, knick-knacks, clothing, and shoes. They produce, produce, produce, for whole other sectors of society that have been set up to consume, consume, consume. This is an artificial reality that has been created, and if you really look at it, it looks pretty silly, and obviously not at all sustainable. Neither reality is thinking in terms of, “How does this affect the rest of the planet or our relationship to the rest of the galaxy?”


 In the countries of the consumers, you are driven; you have to consume for the very state of your sanity. The states of your feelings, of self worth, are based upon consumption. If you do not have enough to consume, you feel less than, and a great depression comes up inside. If you do not have as much as everybody around you; you feel you are less, and this drives and drives and drives, the reality that has been created here. There must be continually more to consume. Each generation must have more for this reality to be validated. 


In the realities where you are bringing your workers from, whether it is from the group of very poor within the country here or from the larger masses of the poor in the countries elsewhere, it is the same story. It is again about consumption, but this consumption is for life sustenance, for food and water. You have to go to work or you have no food, no water. You have to produce these goods that then get sold to markets over in the richer countries and these ones in the rich countries have to buy these goods or they feel they are no good and they have no status. 


So locked in, is the majority of your planet to this reality, that you have made it Earths’ reality. So locked in, is everyone to this reality that you have completely lost touch with who you are. You have lost touch with the rhythms of your planet. Most of you do not even know where you are in position to the rest of the universe. Many people on this planet have never seen the night sky, so blaring are the lights that you must have on to block out any incoming information from the stars. 


There are those who have even grown to adulthood who have never even seen the stars, and they have no idea of their placement in this universe, for they have lost their birthright as souls. They have no concept of the rhythms of the planet, but they do know when the traffic starts in the morning and when rush-hour begins. They know by the increased sounds of traffic what time of day it must be and they know when there is a lull it must be mid-morning. The rhythms, the movements, are those created by the artificial reality that has nothing to do with the rest of the planet or the rest of the universe. 


This reality is spinning so fast right now that most people are losing consciousness within it. Not only have they lost consciousness of self, they have also lost memory of self. Most cannot remember back more than a year or two. Most cannot see forward much more than the instant gratification of, ‘When I get enough money I will buy that.’ That is the state of consciousness; a very sad and sorry state. We see most people in this reality and they are dying, they are sick and they can barely make it through a day. They use drugs to keep themselves alive, stimulated and going, and then they use drugs to put themselves to sleep. They use drugs to hold themselves in a functioning state and they use drugs to control how they feel and how they act. This is what you have created; the most unhappy group of folks I have seen since the days of intense slavery. 


How can this be turned around? How can you help people understand the waves and rhythms, what they are choosing to ride and what waves and rhythms they are choosing to align with? 

Every now and then a soul gets born into such a place and they are able to step back and look at those rhythms and they think, “Hmm, this is the rhythm of how this city moves. This is how the rhythm of business goes on here.” They are able to look and chart all of those rhythms and then they play them. They play them really well. They play them so well that they end up with all of those rhythms and movements supporting them and their ideas. There are a lot of smart businesspeople who learn these rhythms and learn how to play them, but not enough to make any changes; just enough to exploit. 

Most of the population is held in ignorance so that you are the perpetuators of this. You are the rowers of this boat and you keep rowing and rowing and rowing, while some have learned how to be the passengers. The passengers aren’t interested in the rowers being able to see what they are doing. How far can this go? How much longer can this system continue?


 As hard as it is to bear witness, look and see how this system is working. Have you ever wondered how the system that keeps those of you that I am addressing here in your nice warm homes with all of your push-on lights and appliances, your closets full of clothing and cupboards full of food, with all of your entertainment, all of your drugs, all of your cars and pavement, is kept in motion? What keeps it going? 

Some of you have nuclear power plants that supply your electricity, which also supplies toxic waste and dangerous situations that quite possibly could blow your planet up. It is a risk, and at some point in time, if this continues on, you’ll have more toxic waste than the Earth will be able to handle. Forethought was not put in for that eventuality.


Some of you use coal-burning generators so that you can produce electricity that allows you to turn your light bulbs on. Coal miners die young and coal mines dry up. The same carcinogens that killed the miners go into the air and make you sick. This changes the balance and the rhythms of the air patterns and the plants and animals are all affected, but you have lights. Some people dam up the rivers and create hydro-electricity. The damming of the rivers causes great flooding and changes the course of the water, the veins of this earth. Some rely upon oil and gasoline for their energy, which are pumped out of the earth of the generally poorer countries, and this has completely disrupted the patterns of life there. These are not life sustaining realities, are they? 


Where does the food come from in your cupboards? Most of it comes from the poisoning of the land, the wasting of the fields, and the exploitation of people. How many agricultural workers are dying of sickness caused from the poisons put upon the food? How much of the world’s population work for pennies in the fields growing the food, a third of which is thrown away? 


Even the clothing that you wear; how much of it do you really need? How much of it represents children locked in rooms as slaves to create cheap clothing for you? 


How much of the reality you have built here is created through misery and through poisoning? Then when you need more of whatever you are afraid you’re going to run out of, you will take over those places that are the sources of these things. Whether this is done through economic enslavement or with military is a matter of strategy. It is far cheaper to drop bombs on a place and rebuild, according to your specifications, than it is to try to negotiate fair trade. 


The patterns and rhythms that these societies are run on are patterns of destruction, slavery, and death. They are the patterns of a dying star system that is blinking itself out; that is blasting itself forward into one last supernova of explosion. Can you not see this pattern here? Can you not see that the revving-up of your society is like the revving-up of the final effort of a dying star system? Where did these patterns come from? Why were they brought in and incorporated here? Who do these patterns serve? 


I have people say to me, “But, look, we are so much better off here than people are over there.” They want to tell me this with certainty how much better off they are and I ask them, “Are you happy?” And it has been so long since they have been in their bellies that they do not even know. “Happy, means being able to get up and face the day, and unhappy means I cannot go to work. Happy, means I can go to work” and that is what I see people believing. When I am with people, even though where they are living is in extreme poverty where sometimes they do not know if there is going to be enough to eat, sometimes in those places we find joy. 


Sometimes in those places we find peace, contentment and percentage-wise, probably just as much in either place. But when I am with people who are in tune with these rhythms, people who understand the rhythms of the Earth, I find joy, I find contentment, and I find health. When people are aware that the days are getting longer, the sun comes up earlier, and they think, “This morning I saw the sun come up. It was a beautiful golden and red sun this morning and it lit everything up, and I noticed the buds are just beginning to come out on the trees and I can’t wait until tomorrow to see when the sun comes up.” 


These ones are with the Earth that day. They are smelling the air, feeling the wind, going about the business of looking after their physicality, but all the while being aware of the Earth;  stopping because the deer are out in the morning and sitting quietly for five minutes to just listen to the deer playing back-and-forth with the rabbits and the birds. This can happen on your way to work, but the rhythm is different. These ones are putting in days of work into what they love to do, no matter what it is. 


Some love to go work in a factory. They get to go and visit with everybody today and they watch and they notice, “Feels like rain coming this afternoon. Does anyone notice the feeling in the air?” They look forward to the sunset at night, “Ah, the sunset was beautiful tonight. It was all of these colours, and the first star I saw come out was here. Ah, it’s going to be a clear night and the stars will be nice tonight.” These few individuals are in love; they are in love with life. They look forward each day, “Ah, soon the blossoms will be out, then the leaves will come out, or the first of the fruits will be coming. Yes, the first snowfall…” They watch. They are in tune. They are in love. They are enjoying life because they are in tune with and riding the true rhythms. 


When you are so aware of the movement of the Earth you cannot help but be aware of the people around you. These are the folks who notice, “You look a little down today. What’s wrong?” These are the ones who comment and ask questions. They are not the ones racing forward to their deadline, or worrying about how much they have to have in the bank so they can buy that next car; those ones are too busy to notice a sunrise. The ones who have slowed themselves down to the rhythm of the planet they are part of the planet, and their atoms are vibrating along with the planet, not removed from the planet. 


What is the definition of health? It is when your atomic structure is vibrating in a creative way. You have a choice of where you put your attention, where you put your light and where you put your energy. You have a choice of which rhythms to relate to, and it does not take much to start feeling. Just being aware of the sunsets help you to be aware of your planet as she turns and moves, and pretty soon you are going to start feeling. 


You are going to start noticing all the life going on around you that you never noticed before. You will begin to realize that you are sharing this planet with an awful lot of other species as well. You will begin to realize your relationship as a human to the planet. It is different than the relationship of a hawk to the planet or an ant to the planet. You will begin to realize that you are part of a really incredible ecosystem and you will begin to feel that you are an important part of it. You will begin to know what you are and who you are, and out of this knowledge comes a caring for the future. You cannot be in connection with the rhythms of this planet and not immediately, as consequence, become concerned with the health of this planet. 


As you become aware of yourself in relation to the Earth, you become a caretaker. That is what naturally happens. From this place, you become aware of yourself and of your planet in relationship to the rest of the galaxy and the rest of the universe. And, you, as one being, become aware of your relationship with all of creation. You are brother and sister to all of creation in this place. What is that place where you are aware of yourself as part of all of creation, where you are aware of your place within that rhythm? That is Eden! That is Heaven! That is the state of bliss! That is the state of oneness! 


What power is there in being able to watch these waves? What power is in these rhythms to know? “First leaves are early this year; I know when to put my seeds in the ground because I am watching. These insects are already out. That is interesting. It was not like that last year. I’d better move myself into that rhythm and be ready. I noticed last night that all the birds were making quite a commotion and now this morning they are gone. I think I’d better get out of here.” “I noticed that the snakes came up out of the earth last night; they are all over the place. I think I’d better be on guard today.” When you are aware of what is going on in that reality you can work together with the rhythms of the planet to always be safe, to always be provided for, to always be cared for.


By being aware of these rhythms and movement you will know where food is. You will know how to provide for yourself when you know how to work with the rhythms of the Earth. When you observe and think to yourself,” I noticed the animals doing this and this; hmm, I guess a storm is coming,” then you are safe. You are safe because you allowed yourself to be part of these rhythms. 


The disconnection that has happened with some of those folks who have put themselves in the rhythms of the cities instead of the planet, gives them no forewarning, no knowledge of what is going on, and so they feel constantly at the mercy of the planet. That is a state of fear, not a state of faith. They will never know if there is going to be an earthquake or a volcano erupting, or what will happen. They are frightened by it. Therefore, their faith goes into the army, “Ah, well, the army will come and take care it. The authorities will let us know if there is going to be a tornado; we will hear it on the radio. If a big wave is coming they will tell us and big trucks will come and take us away.” Their dependency upon the structure that has become their God keeps them in a perpetual state of fear. 


So more and more they try to conquer this fear by conquering the Earth. It becomes a vicious cycle. The fear of wild animals causes you to cut down all the trees and then you do not need to be afraid of that Earth coming to get you. You dam all the rivers, and then you do not have to be afraid of them flooding. Of course that causes more floods. So then you build bigger and bigger towers and more and more structures, so then you do not need to be afraid of the weather. You create more and more monitors. The more and more and more and more technology and on and on and on and then, ‘we do not have to be afraid of the Earth anymore.’ mentality has kind of spun out of control. The fear that is caused by the disconnection to the Earth, the terror that is caused by this disconnection to self, is what has created and continues to create such an unhealthy and artificial reality. 


It is easy to change. Take a walk every morning at sunrise, a walk every evening at sunset, with your feet on the ground. In your culture you have an expression, ‘stop and smell the roses’. Why? Because that is how roses transmit information, through their scent. Maybe the roses have something to say to you. They are your neighbours and maybe they want to talk to you! That is how flowers talk, through scent. 


Stop and pay attention to your planet for she is trying to talk to you. She is trying to include you in her rhythms. She is trying to bring you back home. She is not asking you to live in tepees again. She is not asking you to lie out on the ground and grow fur and tooth and nail. She is asking you to pay attention to her because only then can she include you, only then can she support you, and only then can she care for you. She cannot do that if you ignore her and if you are not part of her; consciously part of her. 

 How can you be part of the rest of the universe? You relate to the rest of the universe through her, as long as you are here partaking of this Earth by being in physical form. This is how you are relating to all of creation, and it is your choice which rhythms you are going to relate through. 


The state of Eden is a state of consciousness as the state of Heaven on Earth is a state of consciousness. You cannot change any of these patterns that are killing you until you change your states of relationships. Until you feel the rhythms of this Earth, you cannot understand the rhythms of God. You can theorize and you can guess, you can make all of your grand religions and patterns, but you have not found it. In every one of your great religions that you have here, is somebody who went out and made their peace with the Earth. In every religion is somebody who went alone into the wilderness and heard the voice of God. All the rest of you think you can do that second-hand by reading about them, but you won’t understand their words until you have found it yourself. 


How many lifetimes are you going to spend on this planet until you are listening to it? How many times are you going to be born here until you listen? You can create whatever realities on this planet you want, or you can disconnect yourself and you can fight for your ideas. You can prove that you know what is better or what is best. How do you know that a river should be diverted over here? How do you know that oil should not be in the ground, it should be in your car? How do you know all of these things about how things should be on this planet. You can argue that one lifetime after lifetime, and you can witness more death, more misery, more pain, and more suffering. You can populate and populate and populate if that makes you feel like you are dominating. You can exploit, and take and take and take, until there is not a single fish left in the polluted waters, but what has that taught you? That you can take. 


It has not taught you what physicality here has to teach you. It has not taught you about your divinity, about who you are. It has not taught you about your place in the universe, or your power. The power to take and destroy is not the same as the power to give and create. It is a lesser power, a far lesser power. 

Those who understand themselves as a part of the rhythms of this Earth learn from this Earth how to work with those rhythms and how to move with them. The very act of planting a seed in the right rhythm and the right time to watch creation flourish is a beautiful gift. It is the gift of creation.


The gift of being able to listen to the deer as they tell you what has been going on in the forest, to listen to the turtles as they tell you what is happening with the seasons, to listen to the dolphins and the whales when they tell you their concerns about their oceans. These abilities are gifts of creation. These are the abilities that come with recognition of self and right place. 


You want to learn about your personal power? Learn who you are in relationship to the land right around you, even if all you have is one little park with blades of grass that were planted there from some seeds from some far-off continent and nurtured into growth with poisons, these are still seeds of the Earth. Start there, if that is all you have.


 If you are lucky enough to have some trees around, go and get to know one. Those ones, they have their roots so deep in the earth that they know what is going on, and they have their branches so high up in the air they know what is coming in. If you are lucky enough to have at least one living thing to relate to on this planet, take your time to relate to it. Make that tree your beloved tree. Make that patch of grass your beloved patch of grass. Make this Earth your beloved and you will find you are beloved by it.


As you spend time with that one tree, you will get to know the squirrels in the area, as well. You will know who is who, and they will get to know you. You will know what birds are nesting there and they will know you, and you will know the insects there too. You’ll find there is a whole little world living there, and when you become part of that little world you realize that that little world is just as important as the world that is going on in a coffee shop, that normally you would spend that a half an hour in. That world is going on, as well. You realize that both are important and both are interesting. 


The more time that you spend in getting to know yourself in relationship with the planet, the more you begin to know the Mother and Father of creation. They have been here the whole time. They never went anywhere, they never got lost. They have been here the whole time, just waiting, patient-like, until the children come home. They are waiting until the children come back to Eden, until they learn their right place, until they have learned their humanity, and through that, their divinity. That is what physical life is all about; learning that you are divine, learning what your power is and what your strengths are. 

So there are exercises for folks to try to learn who they are.


Spend time by a river, just listening to that river, just watching it flow. You have rivers that go through your body—your veins and arteries are your rivers. They flow through your body, too. Your body is based upon how the Earth works. You want to learn how to heal your clogged arteries? Just spend some time by the river; get into that rhythm and flow and watch how your energy flow changes. Watch the rhythm of the seasons and you will not be at such odds with the changing of the seasons of your own life. Watch how the Earth responds to the flow of the seasons and you will be able to respond to your own flow. 


Pay attention to how everything interacts with each other and you will be more aware of how all the other parts of your body interact with each other.


 Notice that when the one tree in the park that you have begun to love is cut down, how everything has to change. Suddenly the squirrels have to negotiate different trees, all the insects living in that tree have to find some other place to be, and the birds that had nested there every single year, well, they have to build a new nest now. Where is this bird going to nest if all the other trees have been taken? You become aware how each little thing is so important. 


When the mower comes through and cuts all the grass, you can say, “Well that is lovely. But wait a minute—there were some little flowers beginning to grow there. I hope they didn’t cut them too. Ah, too bad—they did.” That changed the ecosystem there again. 


When you start to become aware of this you start to become aware of your body and you think “I let my kidneys get cold the other day. I am noticing that here, and here, and here. That has affected everything else in my body, as well. I better take care of that one little place because I am noticing it everywhere else”. 


You become aware of yourself as parks with the rivers flowing through, your lungs, are like the trees, and all your hairs are like the grasses. You become aware that you are one with everything, that you are divine. Come back to your birthrights. It is a much more interesting place to be.

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