Healing /Herbs

  • Mugwort is a humble plant with many practical and magical uses. It can improve digestion, help with female discomfort, and calm stress and confusion. It is also useful as a cleansing smudge and is a dream enhancer!  As well as so much more.  



  • Many herbalists describe Motherwort as the remedy for people who "just need a hug." Motherwort imparts a sense of calmness and support. The Motherwort person generally feels isolated, alone, unsupported and needs emotional support to be heard and understood by others.


  • Passionflowers' stunning flowers delight the eyes with their delicate thread-like filaments that remind me of how the nervous system looks in the body.  Helpful for many issues, such as anxiety, sleeplessness, swirling repetitive thoughts and more.


    Wendy Murdoch

  • Nervine herbs is one of the most important categories of herbal medicines for today's times. With stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and tension being some of the most common complaints it is important that you understand how nervine herbs work so you can help yourself.


    Wendolyn Murdoch