Motherwort for people who just need a Hug!

Motherwort 's psychological picture

Many of us think of herbs for physical issues only, herbs for strengthening the immune system, herbs that help with coughs, fevers, joint pain, and so much more. But medicinal herbs are also beneficial for balancing and soothing the emotions and the calming our minds. 


Each herb has a psychological profile, which can help a herbalist fine-tune the best herbal match for their client, especially if presented with a few options. An example of this is the profile of the lovely Motherwort.

Many herbalists describe Motherwort as the remedy for people who "just need a hug." Motherwort imparts a sense of calmness and support; hence its name is Motherwort (plant of the mother). The Motherwort person generally feels isolated, alone, and unsupported and needs emotional support to be heard and understood by others.  


The Motherwort person desires to be connected to the heart-  our core essential nature. However, it takes strength to face our 'demons' and overcome our conditioning to live by our truth to achieve these connections. Many of us have NOT been taught to express our emotional nature healthily. This can manifest in a few different ways. How this may look is that suppressed emotions can lead to sudden outburst- a blast of emotions exploding outwards in all directions. It is like  "water building up behind the dam," leading to anxiety and depression.  

Barbara St. Dennis describes it as menopausal women with "that freaked out look."  We often see this in younger women who lack self-confidence, strength, and personal power and do not feel strong in who they are. There is a tendency to be timid, shy and weak. They tend to bottle emotions up and keep things inside, but it ultimately affects their heart because they are not expressing themselves in the world with confidence and strength. When given Motherwort, strength of character can develop as they connect with their hearts and transform into strong and confident women. To be clear, Motherwort also works for men who present with the pattern above. 


Motherwort is for people who have 'mother issues.' The death of a mother, abusive mothers, absentee mothers or just difficult relationships with their mother. This lovely herb helps people mother their inner child that their original mother did not support, be the mother biological or acquired—a potent herb for this type of 'inner child' wound. 


Matthew Wood, a well-known herbalist, adds specific indications to the list:  "Chronic diseases with wakefulness, restlessness, disturbed sleep, spinal irritation, and neuralgia of the stomach and head. Red face, excessive emotionality (not anger), heart palpitations, big staring eyes. Freaked out expression in menopausal women; nervousness, anxiety." 


Motherwort is an excellent herb to mix with other herbs to calm and gentle the hurt heart. Just like having a huge bear hug from a loving mama! 


As a point of interest I have included these pyschological profiles on a course  called 'Healing Anxiety Naturally'. Check out the course outline HERE!