Sacred Sex

Red says “ Sacred sexuality is meant to be the ultimate expression of wanting to give and receive love between two souls, that vibrate from deep within the earth all the way up to the stars in the most joyous expression of love possible.”

 Sacred Sex, is about embracing all of who we are, all aspects, and bringing them to the sacred.

We are meant to be holy. Whole.

Gift your beloved with a copy, gift yourself, share ‘Sacred Sex’ with whoever is sacred to you in this way. This is a beautiful recording, utterly profoundly beautiful




 1. Is sex only an earthy experience?

 2. Definition of Sacred Sex, is it like tantric sex?

 3. Have we ever achieved this level of bonding or are we evolving into it?

 4. How do our beliefs disconnect us from sacred sexuality?

 5. Sacred sex as a way to world peace.

 6. Working with the energy of sacred sex in history

 7. Setting the stage

 9. Energetic links between sex partners

10. Creating light through sacred sex

11. Kundalini energy

12. About orgasm

13. Fulfilling Sacred Sex


Do you remember that movie Dirty Dancing with the late great Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey?

The classic love story is set in the backdrop of the coming of age of America, a time when the strongly held lines between black and white were being challenged, and a generation was getting turned on by the music and movement coming out of the streets.

 A young woman connects with her body, her sensuality, her womanhood and herself, falling in love on the wrong side of the tracks. 

 It’s a movie about movement, passion integrity and sex. Timeless.

There is something, a power that is pure and good in sexuality that we all know, despite the negative imprint that so many religions and so much of our collective experiences have placed on it.

 There is something there that puts us in touch with our God selves, our Goddess selves and the divinity in each other.

 All social boundaries, cultural boundaries, all the imprints, even generations of hatred and corrupt belief systems, fall apart in the face of this power.

When we are in touch with that power, we are naked to each other, on every level of being.

 Orange chakra, releasing the red up through our bodies and our consciousness, expanding us in ways we did not understand... ya he goes deep in this recording.