'Our Light Expression'

 We have been asked to do a recording on Chakras for a while now and here it is! 

There are many beliefs and concepts that have evolved through time and culture to explain the energy systems of human expression. 


Red in his classic way tells the stories of our light expression in a simple straightforward manner that makes clear sense. 


We are light, made manifest. There is a system in place to transmute energy into form. Here is how that happens! 




1 .Introduction.

2. Overview of our energy fields or auras.

3. Are there four layers within the aura?

4. Describe a charka.

5. The individual chakras and their sphere of influence.

6. Electro-magnetism and our energy field.

7. Wave frequencies and chakras.

8. How do emotions and mental attitudes affect the chakras and our bodies?

9. Does the Earth have chakras?

10. Do animals and plants have chakras?

11. Do the Elves and fairies have chakras?

12. How to keep our chakras clear and in balance with the earth and the cosmos?