Origins of the Universe

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin, except, wow. 

Big bang, black holes, between universes, parallel realities, I thought my head was going to explode with the expansion at the speed of light this recording took me through... but then, I got it.

 I will never take this creation for granted again.

 Red paints a picture of the origins of the universe that is beautiful and poignant.

He paints a portrait that allows us to see ourselves in all the wonder of this ever-flowing universe and answers some very basic questions of “why” and “how”. 

 This is truly a MOST amazing reality and we are so very lucky to be part of its unfolding. 



1.Origins of the Universe

2. Big Bang perspective

3. Other Universes, time

4.“God” as Creator

5. “Gods” of other Universes

6. The Space Between

7. Parallel Universe

8. How does our Soul light express? 

9. Star information broadcasts

10. Star light / Soul light

11. Consciousness of Planets

12. Real universe.