Civilizations of the Universe

This recording gave me hope and a great sense of ease.

We are not alone in this Universe, nor on Earth!  

We share our reality with elder civilizations who have evolved beyond the immature bickering and ignorance we display in most of our communities.

Knowing that these wise places of peace predominate the universe, and that many places on earth also express in wisdom and maturity, and that these ones are helping us on earth is reassuring.


The Council brings us tales of some of the fascinating societies that co-exist in this universe, leaving us with a clear understanding of who we are in the grander scheme of things.

A fascinating listen for all of us incarnate at this place and time in earth’s history. 

Civilizations of the Universe and Beyond!



1) Intro

2) An overview of who we are and where we come from

3) The Civilizations of the Fairie Realms

4) Plaedians 

5) Arcturians

6) Sirius

7) Ancient Ones

8) Esassani

9) Do we have home planets?