Living in a State of Grace

Grace is a frequency field that allows potential and possibility for the highest good.

When we are rooted to, and fully aware of what is physically manifesting, while being connected to our higher, wiser self, we are in a state of grace.

This allows the very best set of options to manifest for us.

What does it feel like, living in grace?

How do we get there, and how do we live our lives from that state?  

Many answers came forward in this interview with Red and The Council of Elders.



1) What is a state of Grace

2) Life Lifting you to Grace

3) Grace, or Denial?

4) Prayer, meditation and Ritual

5) Use of Drugs

6) Role of Suffering

7) Grace as Birthright

8) Embodying Grace

9) Grace and Flow

10) Gratitude

11) Crossing Over in Grace

12) Animals in Grace

13) Everyday Practices for Grace