We are all here in physicality to learn self-mastery Red tells us.

That is what each life, each experience is about.
 Offering points practices & stories as well as reassurances that we ARE on the right track, Red shows us how we are part of the new ripening of masters today.
Strength, wisdom & the faith to persevere resound throughout this inspiring & insightful recording. 

Whatever it is your soul is choosing to focus on to learn, when you have reached a level where you have no other teachers on the earth plane but you become the teacher for others, then you are in a place of mastery.



1) Red’s definition of a Master

2) Is attaining mastery a soul’s original intention? 

3) Is preparation required to become masters? 

4) Why do so many ‘masters’ like Van Gough, have such big problems? 

5) What are the attributes of a master? 

6) Gandhi, Mandela, Dalai Llama, modern-day masters. 

7) What are the practices we can adopt to become a master? 

8) What detrimental patterns get in the way of mastery

9) Ascended Masters, Avatars and pathways of mastery

10) On becoming masters