Earth Song

"So my first question is, We have many names for our planet, the Romans called her Tellus, the Lakota call her Makah and we call her Gaia or Mother Earth, and we do assign her a personality. I was wondering today if it is even possible to speak with her. "


Thus began one of the most amazing sessions we have ever had with the Council.

The Earth is alive and extremely aware. She is compassionate, intelligent and has not given up on us.


So root in deep. Offer your prayers and your gratitude. Live in respect of your bodies, each other, your planet, so that you can shift the flow of consciousness into harmony with the planet.”





1. Introduction.

2. Is the Earth conscious, can we speak to her?    

3. How can we work together with the Earth?

4. How can we release our guilt and our shame of our treatment of the Earth?

5. Is the Earth angry at us?    

6. What is the Earth like and does she have emotions?    

7. How can we have a more positive effect on the planet?

8. What are the Elementals or Devas?

9. The Elementals of Wind and Water speak.

10. Final words on our relationship with the Earth.

* Krow here. I do not remember what transpires when I am in trance, so I get to listen to the recordings after they are done. This one, I took with me on a long road trip. Well, I had to pull over when the elementals came through it hit so forcefully. 

Wendolyn had told me about her experience with the wind elemental and how that very day the winds picked up and she was worried about her roof, as it needed repair and she was saving up for that. At first, she was worried and then laughed because she had just made friends with 'wind'. 


By the time she was home from the studio, pieces of her roof were all over the place, but her solar panels were fine. The only other damage was to an old garden shed she was looking to replace. Insurance replaced both the roof and the shed. Thank you wind. A good friend.