Water, The Gift of Life

Water is ‘the force of life pulsing through the planet and bringing all energies, foods nourishment to everything, it is the life force of the planet.’ 

 We know so little about this ‘source of all life on planet Earth’ and have so much to learn! 

'The gift that you are all being offered of life is given to you by the water,..'

This recording teaches us to understand and respect the ‘force of life’ in depths and breadths that we have not seen before.

 From communication and expression of the water, to making medicine and working with ceremony, to understanding water as ‘a carrier of history’ and a messenger of starlight and Earth’s intentions, the Council of Elders have shared a clear and cool understanding of the life blood of our planet. 

Dive in, Water is good!  



 1) Intro  

 2) What is the true nature of water. 

 3) The personalities of water, the emotional context. 

 4) Dr. Emoto’s work. 

 5) Water as a ‘feminine aspect’ holding history.

 6) Our personal connection with water. 

 7) The physical aspects, water as crystals. 

 8) Communication, atmospheric flow of water and ceremony. 

 9) Great Lakes of NA, climate change, lifestyle and industry.

10) Bottled water industry.

11) Industrial, agricultural and human body pollution, what can we do? 

12) Individual responsibility; what can we do? 

13) Water Ceremony and Prayer.

14) Glaciers as ‘frozen time’. 

15) Starlight, cosmic effect on water.

16) Water as medicine.

17) Messages from the water.