Dark Enchantment of the Draconian Influence

The Council begins this serious topic with..."There is a system of stars that has been shining into this universe with a particular influence intention.’ 


Who are these beings, what were they like and why have they been trying to control the destiny of earth? 

We have been under a spell, an enchantment that has made us believe that we are unworthy and must prove our worth in this ‘pyramid’ system. 

It has infiltrated most human societies, superimposing a pyramid belief structure on a planet that is circle-based, and we called it in! 


The grid is disintegrating and we are unhooking from this influence that has been ‘pegged into place’ through family, society, government, religion and philosophy.


It carries on through education, health systems, food systems, and within our own consciousness as well as our physical realities. 


So much of what Red told us in 'Weavers of Light' is playing out in this story.

Once you see it, you will see it everywhere. the good news is that the influence is fading and we have a future ahead not corralled by these corrupted ideas of hierarchy.


As Red says …” there is no new light coming from that system to your earth.. allowing you folks to become disenchanted….” 


I look forward to a return to the joyous exploration of “What if!”, along with the rest of the universe. 




1. Introduction.

2. What are we awakening from? 

3. Why did this Draconian energy come to Earth?

    The social oversoul platform of the Draconian light.

    Why was this light able to override all other light?

4. What is happening as this light is dissipating?

    Will we call this system back because of our fear?

5. What does the Draconian star system look like? Do they have cities?

    What do their bodies look like?

6. How does this light manifest itself right now?

7. Final thoughts, the end of an era.