Ancient Civilizations

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” George Santayana, Spanish-born American Philosopher and Poet. 

When we first began evolving on the earth plane, we experimented with form and ideas. 

Red says that the evolution of our ideas of self can take thousands of years to play out into recognition.

These ideas became the templates of our modern-day societies and civilizations.

Our individual psyche is greatly influenced by our collective DNA imprints.

All of these civilizations that began manifesting on the planet, all of them are the roots of the civilizations that you have here now aren’t they? ... and you can see their stories playing out across your earth-plane now.

You can see the knowledge, the concepts, the belief systems, the ways of being that have formed the core fabric of the psyche of your civilizations on this planet now and you can see many of these patterns playing out over and over again throughout history as each particular strain tries to become the dominant way upon this earth”.


The original manifestation point of ‘Pan’ evolved out into many subcultures whose remnants play out in deep tribal roots throughout Africa and up into ancient Europe.





‘Mu’ whose influence spread through Indonesia and Asia,.. the original movement into form perceived and experienced as entrapment creating spiralling multi-layered architecture and spiritual beliefs of evolving back to the stars.


Ideas of punishment and reward through lifetimes of trying to go home brand our major religions.  Atlantis of the marble columns and pyramids, ever seeking to expand in dominion and Lemuria, who dwelt within the earth and of the earth. The latter two evolved so differently, on opposite sides of the planet-night and day, literally.