Evolution of Psychic Development

So much is happening on the Earth right now that we all need to tune up our internal GPS.

This timely recording addresses how to utilize our common senses more effectively, tap into our latent abilities and stimulate the changes in consciousness within ourselves that apparently, we are all quite capable of doing!

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry, Claircognizance, Empathy, Clairallience and Clairgustance are potentials that we all have access to, through our commonly used senses.

Understanding how these abilities work through our common DNA and how we can activate them through practice, practice, practice!

For all of us who wish to understand and strengthen our gifts, this is a great ‘how to’ and ‘what is’ teaching on psychic development.



1.  Introduction 

2.  Do all people have psychic abilities?

3.  What has blocked these abilities?

4.  Does psychic ability run through the DNA? 

5.  What is clairvoyance?

6.  What is clairaudience?

7.  What is psychometry?

8.  What is claircognizance?

9.  What is am empathy?

10. What is clairalliance (smelling)?

11. Concluding thoughts From Red