Children of the Creators

Children of the Creators, The Journey of a Soul.. is an interesting and informative look at the process of soul expression on Earth. How DOES it all work? 

Why do we incarnate anyway? What are our choices? Do we carry karma with us? What about future, past and concurrent lives?


The Council talks about soul intention, collective agreements and so much more.

Again, the Council has stretched our understandings with compassion and grace, assisting us all to become what we are meant to be; Children of the Creators



1 Introduction

2 Red’s address to us

3  Who are we? 

4  Where do we come from?

5  What is an oversoul or higher self?

6  What is the difference between spirit and soul?

7  Aspects in time and place.

8  Does our soul have different parts?

9  Heart and mind of the soul.

10 Life’s purpose.

11 Guides, guardians and conscience.

12 Connecting with “God” 

13 Dreamtime reality