Past Life Regression Workshop 

An interactive exploration of other times and places!​​​​​​​

past life regression book



Krow is facilitating this three day workshop bringing her decades of experience in past life regression work 

teaching you the technique she has developed for past life remembrance.

There is so much more than we know, so much to remember and explore about ourselves.


Phobias, patterns, relationships, talents and knowledge, the roots are often found in the past.

Working with this technique, you can explore your own soul’s history and assist friends or clients towards healing and understanding!


Soul retrieval in it’s truest sense, a healing, adventure, of self awareness on the broadest level of experience.

There is far more to you than you know.  

Come learn how to time travel in a very safe and supportive environment.


Books provided!

Classes are small and intimate.

Cost is $500.00

Accomodations are extra.


If you wish to host a Past Life Regression workshop, you will need 6 or 9 participants including yourself.

The host's payment is waived. 


Contact Krow to learn more

Painting by Johannus Boots, Gateway of Discovery

Gateways of Discovery