Understanding The Tarot Workshop 

Tarot Book


At this time, in-person classes and workshops cannot happen. It will not be a pandemic forever.

Check back when it is safe

This two day course is designed to help you understand the ancient art of the tarot

in ways that make reading the cards easy and intuative!


Understand the patterns behind the card layouts, with layout guidelines and charts. 

Learning what the cards mean in a simple, easy to remember way.


In our 'hands on practice' with each other, we will work with our innate intuition to discern

appropriate boundaries and compassionate understanding.


Krow brings her unique perspective and over four decades of experience to this class.



If you don't have cards, I suggest waiting till after the course to choose a deck that resonates with you.

We will have cards here you can try!


Learn More about the Art of Tarot Here


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Books provided. Cost $300.00

Accomodations are extra.

If you wish to host a Tarot workshop, you will need 6 to 14 participants at an even number including yourself. The host's payment is waived.

Post pandemic of course! 


Contact Krow to learn more. hereinyurt@gmail.com



A more indepth, months long, online class on the Here On Earth Academy.

Check it out