Communication with Spirit Workshop

Workshop Krow Fischer

This is a weekend long Intensive "Full participation required" workshop!  

Orientation & introduction Friday night prepares us to spend all day Saturday and Sunday opening ourselves up to our natural gifts in a safe, professional environment.


Developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, teleolfactance (psychic sense of smell) and many other gifts yet to open, we will explore our foundations at the beginning of creation and see how we are evolving as the wondrous, beautiful beings we are created to be!


Learn to see energy fields and visions from beyond this realm, learn to send and receive messages, learn to work with dreams and visions and feel with our intuitive selves.


We as humans being are 'hard wired' to communicate on so many more levels than we have developed. As so many of us are ready to evolve, it is time we take a weekend to begin this amazing growth.  


There is so much to learn and develop lying dormant within ourselves just waiting for the opportunity and guidance to open.


Krow brings her many talents and skills in this field to share. The possibilities are as vast as the universe.


Come and open up some new doorways  in a safe, supportive and professional atmosphere.


Books and  tools provided! Cost $500.00

Accomodations extra


If you wish to host this or other workshops  Contact Krow.