Choosing your Family



Why do we choose the family that we're born to and how does that choice happen?


We made a CD about Soul Archetypes where we were talking about how you shine your light down through patterns that have been created on the Earth plane in different societies. We talked in that CD about how that light that you are sending as your soul begins to take form--kind of coalesce around the particular pattern that's there. So when you are choosing to incarnate on the Earth, all of your hopes, your dreams, your desires, are put forward as your intention of all that you wish to accomplish during the course of a lifetime that you are intending on. Also what happens is all of the patterns that your soul has created on the Earth and with the Earth through all of your incarnations are here as part of the planet itself. When you are putting your intention to come in as an incarnation all of these patterns come together to begin to weave a probability of life for you, and that draws you to the family that can most support your intention and can most affect all of the lines that you have left on the Earth.


So, when you are making a choice to incarnate, when  your intention is sent towards Earth you will be able to negotiate the responses to those intentions that you can see forming, Whether it is in a woman who is looking to be a mother that can fulfill those intentions and can draw in the lines that you need, or whether it is an area of the world that you want to focus on; when you are placing the intention you will see the response from the Earth itself of where that kind of incarnation could be best supported.


Honing in closer you then will be pulling up for yourself the family system, the woman who could agree to bring you into incarnation, the masculine that can agree to spark you into this incarnation, the family DNA lines that are willing to accept your soul into incarnation and the society that is present for you to come in. So a lot of factors come into play. And I know when folks are thinking about this from the kind of linear and three-dimensional viewpoint that you have once you are incarnate it seems like it's really, really complicated, doesn't it? But if you think about how life works on this planet, how ecosystems work, how everything does come together, how that bee knows exactly where to go and get the pollen and knows where to get the nectar, you know, that allows different plants to be pollinated, how all of your cells know what they need to get from your bloodstream--life on this planet in every way that you look at it can appear to be really complicated and complex if you don't understand this planet as a living entity; which of course it is, a sentient being.


When you are coming into incarnation all of the dynamics that this Earth has to offer come into play your intentional frequency up with what is available, what patterns are available that most closely connect with what your intention is. The clarity that each soul has and can hold when they're choosing an incarnation can draw together and draw into being the dynamics that you require for the best incarnation. All of these seeds that you see flying around in the air, floating along on the rivers, are going to look for the best place that can grow those seeds--and your intentions for incarnation when you are in trust and faith with life itself will draw you to the best place to fulfill those intentions for each incarnation. So, that's kind of how it works as an overview.


How do you choose your mother?


I think one of the most intimate acts that you can have as a human being is to allow other human beings to take form within you. That's about as intimate as it can get on this Earth plane, isn't it?


When you are holding your intention for incarnation there is a response from the feminine that comes forward, and you will get a response from a female who is desiring to bring a child in or who is in a position to bring a child in. It is not possible to be conceived within a stranger; there must be some connections that you have made with the soul you are coming to incarnate in through. Most times there has been many lifetimes together, many different connections--sometimes not always just from this Earth plane--but there will be a connection strong enough between you and the person who has the potential to be the mother to allow you as a soul to connect up with her.


This connection that you create with the mother creates a field, like a force field, between the two of you that ripens the egg that is holding the DNA patterns that most closely align to your soul and to the intentions that you are holding for incarnation. So the response to your connection with that mother and your connection with her soul and with her body actually ripen a particular egg, you see? And that ripening of that egg is by your intention, so when that egg begins to move through the mother, you see, you have already begun imprinting it with your intention and that begins that first spiraling of incarnation, is that ripening.


Different cultures have different ways that they do things, you know, and some mothers don't feel like they have a choice about conception. In cultures that have been more earth-based and where the masculine and feminine have  equal power and say, that was always the first criteria of anybody incarnating into that particular tribe or that particular family system was, is their agreement with the mother to bring this soul through. That always was the first intention. In many of your societies that intention isn't even asked on a social level, but on the level of spirit, you see? On the level of soul intention coming into incarnation, that is there--that agreement is there. But the mother would always have the choice to say, Yes, I will receive this conception and I will make a commitment to bringing this one through.


Most definitely, as your societies have gone through trauma and unhealed dysfunctional patterns it has allowed gaps for souls to come through without permission of the feminine, but this was not the way that was intended originally. Originally it always was that there was an absolute agreement, conscious and unconscious, between your soul and the mother that you are destined to come through.


Some mothers and children make these agreements even before that mother becomes incarnate. And some choices like that happen along the way throughout life that a woman may be tapped by a soul, Would you be agreeing to have me come in? Whether she's aware of it or not really is dependent upon her ability to be connected to her creator self and on her connection with that soul. Many mothers can attest to the feeling that they get when they find themselves pregnant and when the child's born there is always that sense of, Oh, my goodness, I knew you the whole time you were in me. I knew you when you were born; that real sense of knowing that soul. Sometimes it's a bit of a surprise and they feel like, I'm not quite sure about this kid, you know, and is, again, dependent upon the bond that got created, whether in the past, whether through spirit or during the gestation time. Yeah. So, yeah, it's more than you just choosing the mother, more than the mother just choosing you--it's how your intention and her intention align up to create the patterns that ripen that egg that is destined to become you. So, yeah, your intention has an awful lot to do with it.


How do we choose our father?


Well, oftentimes it's pretty likely who the father is because the mother will quite often have a connection with a masculine around her, you know? So, quite often when you're coming through that has already kind of been lined up in that way. The energy that you have created around the ripening egg actually pulls the sperm that holds the closest DNA patterns to what your intention is. That actually is drawn to that ripening egg in accordance to what your intention is. I know folks say, Well, it's the fastest swimming sperm and it's this and that... but it's not really true. Only certain sperms are going to be able to penetrate the energy patterns around that egg, and the coding of the DNA patterns that are held in that particular sperm have to match the codes of your intention that you have around that egg to be able to penetrate into that egg to start the conception.


You don't always have to have a connection with the masculine, to come into incarnation with that particular father, but quite often folks do. When they are planning an incarnation, quite often will be drawing from the father because of connections that that soul may have with them. But not always. It's not always necessary for a soul to have the connection with the father; it just kind of gives a lot more stability if you do, but it's not necessary--whereas, with the mother, it is.


So you can think of it as you are drawing out of the father the DNA connections that you want to have to best support what your intentions are for that life, or best support the personality you are developing, or best support the patterns that you wish to create during the course of that lifetime. And the father doesn't always stay in the picture. In some societies you might know who the father is but you don't really have a lot of time with that one. It just depends upon the culture that you're in. But you will draw the sperm that carries the closest to the patterns that you require for incarnation--through your intention, again.  And I know, you know, there's some women's who say, I have no idea why I was with that guy but I really was drawn to that guy and it wasn't soon after the child was born that I felt like I couldn't be around this guy at all. Little did they know, (laughing) that kid coming in had orchestrated that meeting. And that has been known to happen, indeed.


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