Weavers of Light


A manual on conscious living, Weavers of Light outlines how we create our collective realities according to our belief structures and imprints. It shows us how we have been creating these realities since the beginning of life on Earth and how this has evolved into the complexities in which we currently live. It offers insights and understandings and very concrete tools for changing our conscious belief structures as individuals and thereby changing the collective social realities that we have been manifesting on the Earth, our beloved teacher. 


This book was channelled from a group of souls known as The Council of Elders, Record Keepers, or Ancient Ones. This collective group has been providing guidance and assistance to humankind for thousands of years, and they continue to bring fresh insights and understandings as we expand our conscious ability to comprehend. 


As our soul evolution continues, we are ready to understand new concepts of reality and willing to take further responsibility for our co-creation here. 


When the students are ready….The book is here.