Soul Expression

If you liked ‘Children of the Creators’, ‘Origins of the Universe’, ‘Reincarnation’, and the interesting ideas that The Council has been sharing with us, you are going to LOVE this MP3.

Bringing ourselves into full manifestation as a planetary being is a fascinating process of relationship with spirit and matter.

We learn about who we are by exploring what we are and how we are expressing ourselves in this manifested reality of earth.

Our personality is contingent on our relationship with the planet, where and when we incarnate, yet it is still our personal expression and we are responsible for it.

We truly are an art form of this Universe!   



1. Defining Spirit and Soul

2.Higher Self intention

3.Why we forget, the cloaking of the planet

4.Why we are disconnected from our soul

5.Lost Light

6.Aspects and fragments of soul

7.Group or collective consciousness

8.Concurrent lifetimes

9.Soul expression on other planets

10.Between lives, pure spirit expression

11.How can we become more conscious of ourselves and our knowing?