The emotional body, how we flavour our lives and how we evolve humanity is brilliantly examined by our good friend Red in this provocative recording.


Love and fear as states of being contrast the three emotions we communicate from, and all expression is derived from this palette according to the Council.


How we are programmed, manipulated and suppressed emotionally has stunted our growth.

Emotional maturity is a rare thing in this fast society.

It is high time we make some changes by taking responsibility to evolve into the loving beings we are meant to be.

Healing our emotional body with love and respect is healing our planet.

Another very important teaching from the Council of Elders.



 1. Why do we have an emotional body?

 2. Is our emotional being part of our spirit essence?

 3. What is the difference between your conscious & your emotional self?

 4. How do the emotions travel through the body?

 5. Overview of the emotions.

 6. Chakras and the emotions.

 7. Emotional development in humans.

 8. Societal influences on the emotional body.

 9) How does one achieve a state of emotional balance?

10) Do the animals and the earth have emotions?

11)Are we as humans evolving into a more empathetic state?