Aliens, Orbs & UFO's

A very interesting interview that explores the myths and the current realities of our off-world visitors.

Some of the answers may surprise you! 
Harry Jim, who is a Hawaiian kahuna and friend of ours asked for this topic and it is his voice you hear asking some of the questions that he provided.

Krow was reluctant to cover this topic because of a deeply held irrational fear.
This resulted in a wild dream about being taken aboard a spaceship the night before the recording was scheduled. 


We call it foreshadowing, when things need to be added to or shifted in Krow's mind, to be able to bring information through clearly and fully. 

A lot goes into bringing through these sessions! 




Apparently, we are not alone. Here is what we asked The Council. The answers were not what we expected! 

1. Why does the idea of aliens evoke so much fear among many of us?

2. Who are these visitors?

3. Do abductions, implants and other things we hear really happen?

4. What are orbs?

5. How do ET’s travel?

6. What about the Roswell Incident and technologies are known? 

7. Do world governments have contact and why not the public?

8. Are we in danger?

9. Are aliens ever spirit guides?

10. When will we have intergalactic communications?