Afterlife, Life Between Lives

This is one of those helpful recordings that will be listened to, shared and discussed by many. 

What is it like to die? What will we experience and what happens next?

These questions and more are explored from the perspective of the Council of Elders with depth and compassion.


How our thoughts and expectations play out in our afterlife experiences, how the type of death or the life we have led affects our experience is examined and explained. 

What do we do, when we are not here ‘doing’ on earth?

So many questions!

The answers are provided in the gentle reassuring voice of Red. 




2) What happens first when we die? 

3) What is it like in various cultures? 

4) Levels of reality.

5) What happens when we leave the Earth experience? 

6) What happens to those who have caused pain and trauma? 

7) What happens to those who have a traumatic death? 

8) How do we grow and express ourselves on the “other side”? 

9) How long do we spend between incarnations?