The Pyramids are Shaking

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I wish to bring to your awareness again, the reality that has been created in the form of the pyramid.  The ones who have scrambled to get to the top believe that they are now safe, and they believe that the laws and the realities of everyone else has nothing to do with them. Look around in every single country on your planet and notice that those who seem to be on the top of the pinnacle in the last while have been tumbling down. 


Ten years ago, these folks would never have been accused of the wrongs they have been accused of, let alone be charged with them, let alone be sent to jail or thrown out of their empires! Never have you seen before, the stockholders at the base of pyramid holding the ones at the peak accountable. It is shaking! It is shaking! 


Those who scrambled so hard to get to the top and believed they had made it are falling, for it is a precarious place to be. Many who have sat at the bottom feel pretty smug about this and they think, “It looks good on them.” Many of them are feeling that this is God’s judgment again; “He’s going to flood out those Babylonians again. He’s going to topple all those kings off their thrones. He’s going to cast those Queens down”. Many think in such a way, but those thoughts are coming from somebody who is obviously willing to stand at the bottom, or the middle of the pyramid, where most of them are, and hold things up. 


You won’t hear these words spoken from somebody in the circle, someone in the circle that never joined the pyramid. They notice these things happening and they have compassion for those ones. They think, “Boy, you know you believed that. You tried so hard to get to the top. You used everything you knew. It took you twenty lifetimes to get there, and what do you find out once you get there? It’s not worth it. 


We could have told you that in the first place.” Somebody standing in the circle is going to see it for what it is; any time you try to build something upward like that, it is going to topple. It is the law of gravity. When you build in a circle, it expands, inclusively. It doesn’t topple it breathes in and out. 


This is the point we are at; the pyramids are shaking. The ones on top are falling and the ones on the bottom think they can scramble up. Can you picture that? That is impossible. The ones on the bottom do not want to give up this dream, for they have been fighting really hard to be able to rise to the top. Unfortunately, as long as all the people are holding onto that belief system, it won’t change and will result in a really big mess. 


As the ones on the top are tumbling down, the ones in the middle and the bottom will be scurrying to get up there, all of them at once. Throughout history you have seen when this has happened. 


When an empire has crumbled from the inside, from the bottom up, what you will see is spikes and peaks following, as all of the upward thrust from the ones underneath continues and there is nothing to support it. There is not a big enough base as they thrust up and explode. This is what you are seeing around you now; the thrusting and exploding of the final scurrying. 


You can be part of that, or you can step aside and sit in the circle and wait. Wait until everyone has exhausted themselves and then begin to sing in the new reality. That’s a choice; one the stars are bringing you. 


The light coming to the Earth now contains humour and laughter and the ability to stand in a different reality and have compassion for what has been created. To wait for all who have been scurrying up to stand on their pinnacle and look around, and for them to realize that to be the king of the dust heap is not helping much. Wait until they are finished, and sit and hold your circle space open and inclusive. When they are tired of that, they will come and sit with you. Maybe you can teach them some new rhythms on your drum, because you will have been practicing this whole time. 


So what are some of these ideas that the starlight is bringing? How would you know? How would you find it? How could you see it?  Watch. How does your world bring forward ideas? Most of you reading these words are living in a western culture, a culture of books and print, of movies and songs. It is in these ways that your culture brings its ideas forward. 

Notice in the last few years what has caught the imagination of the people. It is stories of magic, it is stories of power, it is stories of the individuals who can rise against all odds and make magical changes. This is what has captured your attention in the last few years. 


Notice the ideas that are coming forward, the truths that are being spoken and what is exciting the people. 

Notice the people who are stepping forward and being shown and illuminated in the greatest light are those who are able to step forward and speak the truth, those who are standing in their own light and their own integrity. Notice the fast-talkers and the illusion-makers, and notice that everybody else sees them, too. The veils have been dropped and things are being seen. That is how you can tell what new ideas are coming into your world. 


If you lived among some of the tribes of the Central and South Americas’ you would be having group dreams in your ceremonies, your medicine plants would be leading you to see what’s happening and to be prepared for it. 

You will also notice in the places where people are responding that magic is being used. People are coming together to do this work. 


You will notice in countries where there has been great oppression, and some of the places where the people are listening; they have been able to throw off this suppression. They have been able to begin to make changes for themselves. 

You will notice what armies are being shut down in some places as people are taking advantage of these times to shift their realities. 


In other places you will notice a different reaction, as the fear takes hold of those who do not want to lose. 


In some of the African nations, there have been a few people making an awful lot of money from a very, very rich continent. These ones do not want to lose their place of power. They have been living off of the lands and the people there for a long time and they do not want to give it up! It doesn’t matter what colour their skin is; what matters is they have been sitting on top of a pyramid and they do not want to fall! So some of them are aware of the pyramids crumbling and the ensuing disruption, and are using this to incite war, one against another. All the rage of suppression of those that were forced to the bottom in one area has been pitted against the rage of the repression of others, held at the bottom of another pyramid. You can see the toppling happening, and you can see the outburst of the terror and fear of this toppling being shown in many barbaric ways.


You can see that as that pyramid begins to topple, the choice of bringing in the circle was made by some cultures, by some peoples, and an honest effort was being made to bring a different way forward. But, you can see in all of the places where this big pyramid has toppled, the waves of those trying to rush up to the top is still rippling through. The fighting between who will sit on top of this one, and who will sit on top of that one, is deadly in these places. You can witness this happening in northern Europe, Central Africa, some places in South America, cities in the United States and the Middle East. There are points all across the globe where, as the pyramid tumbles, the fighting for the new top place is vicious and ferocious. 


What is needed is for all of you to stand in the circle, stand in the circle and hold that alternative. For those that have been desperate, life after life, to rise to the pinnacle and believe that this is their last chance to ever sit in that place, they can be shown that there is an alternative. 


In those areas of turmoil there are common people joining hands and trying to hold for a different reality. These ones are the frontline fighters aren’t they? They have chosen to be born into these areas of conflict which are holding fast to the old reality. These frontline fighters have made these difficult choices so that they can be there to hold a new reality and try to create something different. If they have the backup of those of you in more peaceful places, of you that are holding your circle realities here, they have more of a chance of healing the realities where they are. 


Witness all of this being brought through all over your globe, everywhere. Witness the reaction of the people and witness the response of the Earth. There are places on the Earth now where people are being asked to move, to take themselves out of there, so that those places can heal physically. When you see that your house has burned down three times, you can see it is time to move. When you see that the floodwaters have risen up each successive year and hurricanes have wiped out your towns and villages, you had better learn to build on stilts or on a barge or move. When, for four years in a row, drought has killed every living thing on your land, you know that it is not a good place to raise your children. 


The population on your planet needs the freedom to move where they need to move in response to the responses of the Earth. You need to support this freedom of movement so that every soul can bring themselves to their right place. 

Fear restricts the movement, fear created borders that are not inclusive, but exclusive. The fear produced all of these places on your planet where you will not allow people to be. Fear has walled you in and walled others out. These walls of fear have to come down. You need to allow the flow of movement on your planet in response to the impulses you are receiving from the stars. You each need the freedom to find yourselves physically manifesting in the places of your choice, where it feels right and good for you to be. 


Those who wish to hold onto the tumbling rocks of the pyramid as it falls have the choice to do that, and so they can place themselves on the points of the Earth where this is happening. Those who choose to live, to flourish, and create the next reality, need the freedom to bring themselves to places that resonate with this idea. The old ways of the pyramid are dying and those who cling to it are dying with it. 


The Earth cannot support and sustain those ideas, for they are not the ideas the stars are sending anymore.


This is a long, slow process, the movement of the Earth. It is a long, slow process, the change of the evolution of humanity, and you are at that point in time to make a choice and decision of where it is going to go. Each of you, by the choices you make in this lifetime, can make the choice of the reality that will be lived on Earth for the next seven generations. 

What you choose to live, to bring, and to create here, is creating the future for all. It is not at every point in history that this is so, but it is at this point. 


Are you going to continue to grasp and hold to the promises made to you by a false god, the promises of great riches and wealth someday at the expense of all of your so-called enemies? Are you going to hold to this false promise, that if you give everything of yourself, someday you will be rewarded with everything that you have coveted? 


Each of you needs to look at what you have believed about the Creators and what you have believed about life. 

Is your life meant to climb the corporate ladder?

Is your life meant to pay off a mortgage so that you may say, “I have land”? 

Is your life meant that you have three children, eight grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren, and now you are done; is this your dynasty? These souls have lived and breathed before and will live and breathe again whether you are there or not. 


Or, is your destiny to weave a different reality for your great-grandchildren? 

Is your destiny to make different choices here? 

Is it to re-think, re-visit and re-search the present reality? 

Is this reality here by consensus, or by default?


by Red and the Council of Elders 

Copright of Here on Earth 



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