Body Consciousness


This is an excerpt taken from our Body Consciousness MP3.  Enjoy!

An informative discussion on how your spirit is moving into Earth consciousness through your body and how your spirit is projecting your desires through Earth by projecting through body.  by Red & the Council of Elders



Wendy:  Now, the first question is, what is body consciousness?


Red:   Hm, that’s what you call a loaded question. Isn’t it? I think, first, we need to begin at looking at body and spirit and relationship between body and spirit and how this works. In some of our previous MP3s,  'Children of the Creators' especially, we speak about how your spirit is moving into Earth consciousness through your body and how your spirit is projecting your desires through Earth by projecting through body. So when we look at body, we recognize this is Earth. This is Earth consciousness rising up to meet your spirit. And the consciousness of Earth is coming through all of the cells that make up your body, all of the organisms that co-create this body, along with your spirit.


So, the charge of your spirit, the energy and intention of your spirit, is merging with Earth through body.

And body is made up of many organisms; entire communities of organisms. It is galaxies of energy, all configured and swirling around your intention as a spirit. So the consciousness of body is made up of Earth consciousness. It’s made up of the consciousness of all of the organisms that are co-existing in your body. It’s made up of the consciousness of the cells, of the DNA coming through all the experiences of your ancestors, and the consciousness and patterns of your soul experience on Earth. All of this creates an ecosystem. I know, in one conversation you and I had before, you said to me, you thought of body as being the landscape of the soul, yes?


Wendy:   Yes.


Red:      And this is so. When you look at the Earth and whatever peoples are living in the different areas, you can see the effects of those peoples, all those animals, have on that area on the landscape of the Earth itself. And you can see the effect of your soul upon the landscape of your body.   And, nonetheless, it is a full ecosystem that is inhabited, that many express through—not just your soul. And I think this is something that is misunderstood by many. I think most think of their body as a vehicle that you can drag around, drive around, yes? [laughter] Park it, yes? Fill it and keep driving. You think of it as parts that you can replace, yes?


And I think this is a consciousness that has developed in many of the western societies. Rather than seeing body as an organism ecosystem that is made up of many different beings, many different consciousnesses that work together as a cohesive unit meant to be under the direction—or the inspiration, let’s say, of your soul desire. So, body consciousness is a collective consciousness. You see?


Wendy:   Yes. Thank you. Well, I guess we’re going to have to take it apart a little bit, to understand it as collective, I am guessing.


Red:   Hm-hm.


Question #2- How do our thoughts affect our bodies?


Wendy:  Okay, so lately there has been a lot of suicides and people are extremely depressed. So we have to look at how do the mental attitudes affect our body?


Red:       Hm. We’ve spoken before about how the brain is a transmitter/receiver organism, a biological design to be able to receive energy and transmit energy, eh? So, when thought processes are coming through the mind, it’s translated into a chemical equivalent; hormone nutrients, that are sent through the body to trigger responses in the cells throughout the body. When the body is reacting, what you call depression energy goes low. You have all these physiological effects; thinking processes become blurry, hopefulness and joy, sense of well-being diminishes, impending doom, feelings of panic, worry—all of those feelings start coursing through body. Those are sent by brain; sent by the chemistry of the brain to the cells itself.


So, the rest of the body is getting the message from the brain that says, Oh, things are not well. Be careful, and it causes stimulation in fear, stimulation of the chemicals that your consciousness identifies as fear, as stress, and this causes a shutdown in many places in the body. Energy gets shunted into survival mode, almost putting you into hibernation. You see? So lots of things start shutting down in the body. All of this simply from the effects of your thoughts.


So when the thinking process is going into the cycle of worry and of fear and of stress that says, Oh my goodness, things are bad. I don’t have job. Future not looking good. Nobody likes me. Feeling isolated. All of the sensations that go along with the thought processes in reaction to things going on in your life create what you would call a domino effect through the body, and body responds back to that.


Like all Earth organisms, body wishes to survive. It wishes to please. It wishes to have continuance in its cycles upon the Earth, so it is trying to respond to situation information best it can. And when the thought processes are sending, through the body, sensations of hopelessness, the body begins to shut down. You see, go into hibernation, in essence; not respond to things, not stimulate self, more time sleeping, more time doing nothing, brain processes go down, metabolism goes down, eh?


It has a great effect on the gut, Don’t take in anything  right now. Just wait and see, which then causes problems in the belly, then causes problems in the metabolism. And, you know, that whole domino effect of shutdown happens to the point that there is nothing—no light, no energy coming through to the cells, and the feeling becomes that any thought processes coming through are now harmful to body. You see?


So, now you’ve got thought and body in opposition to each other. Thought processes coming through are identified by body as something toxic, something that’s a problem causing a situation—a problem-causing situation. So body’s reaction to this thinking process is to try to separate spirit from body, thought from body, you see, causing more serious decline, eh?


This is one of the key factors we see going on and it’s got larger implications than just that. You can see it in a societal setting where many of you have been conditioned to not trust your own spirits; to instead, trust outside sources; whether it be religion, government, job, society, family—but to not trust your own spirit. So body has been conditioned not to trust, you see?


And it’s easy then to go into that place when you are putting all of your hopes on something external from you to supply you with a sense of well-being. Not being able to connect to your own spirit for a sense of well-being, body, immediately, is going to therefore go into a sense of distrust. If your mind has stopped trusting your own spirit, eh, then how is body supposed to trust what you are bringing through?


So we see the larger implications of the depression and rates of suicide going on has to do more with the disconnect to your own spirit; has to do with a lifetime where you have connected your source of well-being, not to your own spirit, but to your society or your job, or your status, eh? Now, how is body to trust this? Body realizes this is not healthy to be in this state, eh? So when your mind, you know, started worrying and stressing and came to this place of, Oh, I don’t know how I’m going to survive now. I’m not getting all my needs met, body is wanting to disconnect from this kind of thinking. It’s toxic, eh?


Wendy: I understand.


Red:      So we’re seeing this on a bigger level like that; that your own souls are not in alignment with body, you see? And so, therefore, the central glands in the brain that are receiving the stimulus from soul have been receiving the stimulus from external sources instead, rather than yourself.


Wendy:         Wow.


Red:                Hm-hm.


Wendy:         I didn’t realize there was such a huge disconnect between spirit and body.


Red:                Most folks don’t even know they have spirit. Isn’t that so?


Wendy:         I guess so. [Laughter]


Red:                Most folks do not have connection to creation or to the cosmos, yes? So they base their reality only upon whatever their society has deemed worthy, yes, or what their religion has deemed worthy. You see, and have plugged themselves in to those collective consciousness', rather than to their own soul, and this has caused a big disconnect in many, many societies.


So you’ll find this kind of depression and this kind of hopelessness hand-in-hand with places where you have collective consciousness who have put themselves at the mercy of a religion, a government, work, labour, family—something other than own soul—put their faith and trust in something outside of themselves. And so that has been what has stimulated a sense of well-being, and when that is failing, as it is around the world, it’s failing people. They are realizing that, I can’t count on this job, or this government, or this religion, or this culture, to support and sustain me. They don’t know where to turn, and so then, what’s been transmitted through the glands in the brain, is not sustaining. So body’s response to that is, Oh my goodness, what mind has been holding onto  to sustain is coming through toxic now; nothing I can handle, hold onto. And that begins the disconnect that creates the domino effect. Body goes into almost like a hibernation mode. I’d rather not be receiving from mind, now, because it’s debilitating.


Wendy:         Yes.


Red:                Yeah. And it gets to the point that thoughts, the feeling, and the whole lethargy becomes consuming, eh? Yeah, so that’s one of the key things we see; body’s not feeling nourished mentally, emotionally, and physically—body is not feeling nourished by mind.


Wendy:          Thank you.


by Red & the Council

(c) Here on Earth



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