Mental Wellbeing

We wanted to tackle this topic for a while now, to shift the taboo and open up a discussion with spirit on our mental wellbeing.
We all know that our societies are struggling with depression, violence, anxiety and every expression of mental instability that we could imagine.
This recording takes a deep look at the causes and effects of what we are collectively manifesting here and offers us insight into how we can assist ourselves, our families and our communities, local and global, towards a healthy state of mind.
May we all live in peace and well-being.



1) The Platform of the Mind
2) Factors Affecting Mental Health
3) Rise in Anxiety and Depression
4) Building Supportive Communities
5) Coping with Overwhelm
6) Coping with Depression
7) Anxiety and PTSD
8) Altered Reality Mental Disorders
9) Steps Towards Mental Wellbeing