Imagine a New Reality

The year we entered the shift, 2012, we wanted Red to give us some concepts, some blueprints we could focus on as we navigate the changes that this year brings.

We wanted ideas that we could work with here on the planet, and a positive message to take into our new year.  As usual, he delivered. 


Imagining a New Reality offers us possibilities and encourages us to utilize what we have already at hand and to believe in ourselves.

He envisions interesting forms of transportation and power generation once we make the mind-shift away from an oil economy commerce to a humanitarian and earth-based state of awareness. 

He speaks practically and knowledgeably about our potential as a civilization here in the West offering insights and perspectives that can help us evolve to Eden more quickly and smoothly. 

It really is a shift in perspective needed, an awareness of a bigger picture, and an acceptance of responsibility for us all.

 We have a lot more hope for the world after hearing this, and we want to share it with you. 



1. Introduction.

2. Red’s Intro.

3. What positive changes can we make for the future ie. transportation?

4. What potential power sources can we use and how?

5. How do we fix our financial system?

6. A new blueprint for our business paradigm.

7. How to revamp our healthcare system.

8. Saner way of food production.  

9. Any final thoughts on creating a new reality?